What I know...

Ellie likes to eat- I am so thankful to be nursing her sans contraptions!
Her big brother adores her! He couldn't wait to hold her and did so lovingly! He "pets" her face, tells her his plans for her, and says repeatedly, "it's ok, Ellie. I'm your big brother. I love you." precious! And he can't stop kissing her!
Neither can I!
Waiting for her while r was with her in the nicu was agonizing - although they did roll my bed in there once to hold her!
She squeaks like a dog toy when she is really mad.
She likes to be held.
She likes music.
She likes will to sing to her.
I am really tired.
Her birth was a celebration.
I am thankful.
I am relieved.
I am anxious for tests which will reveal if her cns is affected.
I am capable of more love than I ever dreamed possible.
She is beautiful.
We look good in pink.
I am so thankful tonite.

Maybe I will have a computer tomorrow for pictures and updates. Thank you for covering her in prayer. We are humbled. We ask that you would continue to pray as Ellie has some testing and evals ahead of her.
And now I am going to stare in awe and gratitude.

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Julia said...

Tears. We spent the day yesterday cherishing our boys at an amusement park (King's Dominion) in anticipation of our trip to get our precious little one and all day I was breathing prayers for Ellie. To be cherished at birth! So grateful that she is okay for now. Pink. Loved. Tears!

Christie M said...

We stopped our school day yesterday and I read your posts to my sweet girls, and then we prayed for you.

It was wonderful for our sweet Erika to hear your words of love and know that mama's love their babies. (for all of our girls, but Erika has AMC and all are adopted)

I coulddn't finish reading your post,because it took me back to almost 30 years ago when our son was born, and was in NICU for his first 11 weeks. So one of the girls took over, and we had a special time.

Thank you for sharing your heart and love with others. Blogs are an odd thing. We read about things we would have never known about, and we pray for those we feel a connection with, because of a blag.

May God bless you today as your enjoy your sweet baby in pink, and give you HIS peace.

Kelly said...

Katie, Just reading your post, I love her too. I am so glad that she is with you in your arms. That is exactly what I was praying. Praise God. I will pray for you to have an easy recovery and for the tests to come back with conclusive and encouraging results. Love you!

H2Mommy said...

I miss her already - trying to think of an excuse to come back to Dallas.

Edison said...

SO excited for y'all! What an amazing answer to so many prayers. They are continuing to come your way. Can't wait to hear more

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