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In December of 2008, Will & I flew to Dallas to meet amputee celebrity, Nick Vujicic.  It was an amazing experience.

This week, I received an email from Stacy who is friends with a director of a new, award winning short film, The Butterfly Circus.  It is now being made into a full length feature film.
As I watched, I was moved to tears and laughter.  I loved seeing Nick as a star & was again so encouraged by him.
It's a great movie - I highly recommend watching it!
Go here to watch the teaser.

And click here to watch the full length short film.  (Stacy warned me & I'll pass it on - the first few minutes are difficult - especially if you are a mom of a child with limb differences.  Stick with it - it's a great story and I have such respect for Nick - he does an incredible job in a difficult role.)

And, then of course, there's Kyle Maynard - another celebrity amputee who is a star of a movie about his quest to wrestle.  Will & I met him & his parents in May 2009.  That too was an incredible experience.  I admire Kyle so much & have been thankful for the guidance and wisdom his mother has offered me.   (One of her best pieces of advice?  Have another baby!  It was fun to email her the news of my pregnancy with Ellie the following year.)

While we were meeting Kyle, the guys filming his movie filmed our meeting.  Will is in his first movie!  (Granted, it's during the credits but he's there!  And he's so cute - wrestling with Kyle! :))

For the trailer, go here.

To order the film (& to be able to see Will in a movie!), go here.

And want a good laugh?  Here's my home video of Kyle & Will wrestling at the gym Kyle owns.  Cracks me up how he tries to imitate Kyle (Will was about 20 months old.)  That laugh!  How I love it!
(video at bottom of that post.)

Here's to 2 great, inspirational films that are showing the world how truly abled those with limb differences are!  Enjoy!

2 thoughts:

boo and stacy said...

So encouraging, I hope everyone goes to the link to watch it. I showed my husband this post and we both said...'The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph!' SUCH a great short film!!! Glad you posted it and that you met up with Kyle and Nick. So very special to have Kyle and his mom just a phone call away!! Much love to your family!!!! I'll be keeping up with y'all!!

23weeks said...

Thank you so much for the posting, that was so inspiring!! I can't wait for the full movie :o)

Love the beach pictures, So cute!!!

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