The (almost) Perfect Date

Tonight, Will & I had a Mommy Date. It was nearly perfect - the only thing missing was Daddy. R is back home working really hard so that he can come back for Ellie's birth in... 11 days!!! Meanwhile, Will & I are hanging out closer to Dallas - just in case she comes earlier.
My parents were going dancing tonight so Will & I had dinner together and then walked across the street to visit with some neighbors and borrow their microwave to pop popcorn. When we got home, we turned on an old Disney movie, grabbed our milk, water, & popcorn, & cuddled as close as we could get on a big chair.
Throughout the movie, my date repeatedly turned to me to say,
"Mommy, this is a great date! I love you so much, Mommy! You're my favorite girl ever!"

Will, you have my heart completely. How will my heart survive if you ever decide to leave home and get married? Surely it will break.

We ended the date reading a pirate story in his bed, talking about the day, & cuddling some more.

Oh, I love this precious boy. And I love his cuddles. And I love when he tells me how much he loves me. And I'm so glad I'm his favorite girl. He just happens to be my favorite boy, ever. R is my favorite man, ever.

And I'm relieved to think that even though I worry about having quality time with Will when Ellie may be requiring so much energy and attention, I am thankful to know that Will is not really high maintenance in this area - cuddling on the couch, reading stories, or watching half a movie can really fill his cup. Surely I can find moments for that in between hospital visits with Ellie. (If nothing else, I might cuddle & pass out from sheer exhaustion.)

2 thoughts:

Poefam said...

I feel like I have written those same words and felt the exact thoughts about my first bornbig brother! There's nothing like it!!!! Praying for you in the days/ weeks/months ahead as you fall in that same mad love with your Ellie! You are such a good Momma!

shae said...

katie b.---i hope smith is like this some day! i need a sweet cuddler like that, and i believe it comes because he FEELS your constant love for him! i will call sometime this week. weekend has been fun but crazy :)

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