Big Brother

Sweet Will is going to be a GREAT big brother! He's been playing with my first doll, "Suzy," - I taught him how to swaddle her and he enjoys making sure she is in her high chair or in bed - sometimes with him.
Will LOVES listening to "figment stories" - stories from before he was born - when he was just a "figment of our imaginations." His absolute favorite figment story is the one where he started out as a figment in the morning and by the afternoon was a boy! (ie: his birthday - August 30, 2007.)
With both his birthday rapidly approaching and the impending birth of his baby sister (9 days!), he has been asking all the time for his birth story.
Tonight, after I told him his birth story again (with tears in my eyes- again), he told me he had a story for me.
And he proceeded to tell me my birth story... which closely resembled his birth story except that when I came out, he "called all my friends & (loudly yelling) yelled, 'it's a GIRL!'" And then Daddy cut my cord and Will named me "Nemo" which he shortly thereafter changed to "Katie."
And then he told me "I love you so much, Mommy."

Today, at Sam's, we were purchasing some supplies for Dallas when I had a BH contraction. Will leaned into my belly and said to Ellie in the Belly,
"Caroline Ellie Ellie Grace, I'm so excited to meet you but you stay put in my Mommy's tummy!"
He is going to be a great big brother.

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