last days

We're off to Dallas in a few hours for doctor appointments...
& Will & I won't be returning until after Ellie's birth.
We've tried to make the most of our last days at home & have spent a lot of time enjoying being a family of 3 (4).

Will has finally nearly mastered steering the new tractor his Honey & G-Dad found for him to drive. He enjoys loading up the trailer with pinecones, golf balls, & baseball gear & taking off into the sunset.
He is a very serious driver.
At one point the other day, he climbed off in a random neighbor's yard, laid down in the grass, & announced to his G-Dad, "Being a farmer is hard work!"
So true. So true.
And I'm sure his Great-Grandfathers (one a farmer & one a rancher) got a real kick out of that in Heaven!
He practiced his Michael Jordan skills with a little help from his daddy...
and in his boots
We enjoyed a day at the ballpark
where he saw his swimming teachers...
& it took him a minute to recognize Ms. Barrett with dry hair & real clothes on!
And he asked Mr. David if he was familiar with the story of "David & Goliath" - since that was about another David.
He got lots of good Daddy time
We enjoyed a children's museum with some friends
And, of course, the swimming. Our favorite activity.
(Swim videos coming soon!)

And, mommy has fallen asleep while cuddling with him every single day at naptime. I really love our cuddle time!
This morning, when I woke him up to go to therapy with his Honey while I do last minute packing, he said,
"Mommy, first let's cuddle and then we will eat breakfast."
I love my cuddler.

3 thoughts:

gtown1 said...

From Walker: 'Will, can i drive that please????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
omg if he had one of those.
enjoy your tractor Will--what a great gift.
blessings and all our love, ejw & Walker

Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

Caleb is a cuddle bug too - nothing better! thinking of y'all this week~

Sarah said...

Praying for your sweet family! I love the pictures of Will on the tractor - so cute!!!! We love you guys! Hugs and Much Love!!!

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