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Our new motto:

When Life Hands You Casts...

As part of Ellie's treatments, she receives soft casts for the weekends. During the week, she receives a new pair of KAFO's custom fit for her legs and feet every other day. We do therapy all week long. But on the weekends, we take a break from therapy and she wears casts all weekend long.
So, I did what any new mom would do and decorated the sweet things -
with her monogram of course!
(Will helped with the dots. It was our arts and crafts for the week. :))
Here she is in therapy on Friday. It took 3 hours to get the casts right - poor B & R (her therapists) - Ellie's feet weren't cooperating so they had to do the casts 3 times! They even worked on her legs while I was feeding Ells - what a mom (& loving therapist team) won't do for their baby! (R wouldn't let me post that picture on the internet - I am covered but it's obvious what we are doing. :)) I should be keeping a record of the number of medical doctors, nurses, specialists, x-ray techs, therapists, etc that I have breastfed in front of - it's a bit ridiculous! Thank goodness for my ingenious new breastfeeding strap cover thing!
It was a long morning but I am thankful for how observant and cautious her therapists are in making sure the fit is right.
I was also extremely thankful that a friend took Will for that appointment so that he wasn't there the whole time. Thanks, L & C for taking the "twin."
And they have to deal with my hormones & emotions & endless questions.
It was a nice break not having to take her splints on & off all weekend. However, when we took off the casts tonight and the tape Ellie squealed and squealed in pain. Actually, I don't think it really hurt her so much as pulled the skin like lots & lots of tight bandaids would.
I sobbed with her. I told her how very sorry I am. There's something about holding your newborn in your arms while you torture them that will just break your heart and spirit. I love her and I want the best for her - that is what I keep telling her (& myself.)
But, in the moment, it doesn't make the pain any easier.
Thankfully, giving her a bath finally redeemed the situation. And finally getting to rub her little feet some.

By the way, she will get new casts every weekend and I will need some creative help! Any ideas (keep it simple- I am not an artist!) for decorating them would be appreciated!

6 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

I think your cast decorations are beautiful! :)

Mrs. Jenk said...

I'm glad you are having fun with it- you can play with all of the seasons- football season (TTU!), Halloween (give her striped little stockings), Fall in general with pumpkins and leaves), draw socks on her like the Trumpette socks, fishnets would be funny!

Becky P. said...

What beautiful little toes! Love the decorated casts:))

Jo Anna said...

Such sweet little toes! I agree with Mrs. Jenk that you should decorate with TTU on game days!

ChrisP said...

Faux Mary Janes, Lace up ballet shoes, A Zipper up the side-- When in the mood to antagonize those that that like to be 'shocked'-- make them look like her little legs, and put a TATOO--
Leopard, Zebra print.
Red glitter? and make ruby slippers...
LOVE LOVE LOVE your's and Will's work!

BrendaE said...

I found your blog through Becky Peterson. Your baby girl is just gorgeous and I LOVE yours and Will's artwork on her precious little casts!

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