Ellie was discharged yesterday at last! Her tests all came back negative for meningitis or a bacterial infection so her doctor determined she had a respiratory infection and released her. Of course, while waiting for our discharge papers, a "FDA" (see below post) came in for one last exam & decided Ellie had thrush. Typical that something would come up to postpone our discharge (remember the "car bed" fiasco a month ago???)
The nurse disagreed with the FDA & the attending came back to double check. Ellie did not thrush & we couldn't move fast enough to bust her out of there!
Thanks for praying for our Ellie girl. It was scary when an infant gets such a high temp at her age. I was also so nervous about possible complications due to the AMC. Apparently she has a floppy airway so I'll be consulting on that soon.
We hated torturing her by constantly taking her splints on & off in the hospital every time they needed to check her blood pressure so they weren't on very much. When we got home, we had a very difficult time getting them on properly. It seems that we've taken some significant steps backward with the splinting which is disheartening. I'll find out for sure tomorrow at therapy.
Thanks for praying for Ells- we are humbled & thankful.
And so glad to be outta there!

4 thoughts:

kelly said...

way to go ells for busting out of the hospital!! yaaay for home! no more getting sick, miss e, okay?!

marc and trisha said...

So thankful that Ellie was able to go home and that she is feeling better. We are praying for your family.

Becky P. said...

So happy and thankful you are home again, and Ellie is feeling better!!! Will continue to keep you in our prayers!

Kara said...

So glad you are "home"! Still praying of course. Just wondering what will they both be for Halloween? I know a long way off, but just might be something fun to think about. Tell Will Hi from his two preschool age friends in Pittsburgh PA!

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