Splint Fashions, Tornados, & Honey

Ellie got pinked out in her splints today at therapy at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children!
Her therapist felt that she might be able to tolerate colored straps for the middle part of her splints. I'm sure you are shocked that I chose baby pink for this first pair.
Don't worry, I plan on having some fun with other colors come the holidays!
I also realized today that I could fit socks over the feet of the splints.
Ellie girl is looking good today!
Ellie modeling the latest in splint fashions for Fall 2010
This week, I felt comfortable trying Ellie on a bottle just during her therapy sessions so that the therapists don't have to work with her while she is nursing. I pump during therapy & then feed her the bottle while they keep at it.
Today, Will was with me so it was the perfect opportunity to let him help feed her.
He did great!

Tonight, we had some excitement. The condo we are currently living in is on the 24th floor of a highrise in a beautiful part of Dallas.
It poured rain all day today thanks to a tropical storm that hit Texas.
By this evening, we were watching the weather and saw that tornados had made touchdowns just east of us.
Then, they reported that one had been sighted just southwest of us and was on a path directly for our neighborhood.
I couldn't reach the security desk by phone to find out what the policy was for tornado warnings so I quickly rode the elevator down 24 flights to ask in person.
She suggested that we either go to our stairwell or, if the wind was too strong since we are so high up, head to the basement.
Since we had two small people in tow, we decided not to wait and see how the wind behaved but headed straight for the basement to hang out in the laundry room.
I forgot my camera so excuse the phone picture quality. Will had fun on the "adventure" and did pretty well.
He cuddled with his Honey
and kissed his baby sister
and posed for some pics while sitting on a washing machine
Fun times

R's mom, "Honey," is staying with us this week to help. She has been such a help in doing laundry, keeping Will while I take Ellie to the hospital, making dinner, letting me take a morning nap, etc. Will has had lots of fun game time with Honey & they have worked an alphabet puzzle numerous times.
G-Dad came for a few days over the weekend so Will & Ellie got some good G-Dad time in too!

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Lisa said...

Love the MudPie leggings!!! They are a must, of course! i have some Texas Tech ones I could send you but not sure how that would FLY! (let's stick to PINK!)
Seriously, I'd LOVE TO help...i'm going through Kendall's clothes right now. when and if you get a chance, please email me your address (dallas), i'd love to send you some clothes and goodies for your dallas stay.

(stacy stroman bolton's friend, dr. g delivered my 1st)

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