4 months

Ellie turned 4 months this week.

We flew to Dallas yesterday for several appointments, including her 4 month well-check.  (After a 2 and a half hours at our local pedi this week (whom we love but a shortage of pediatricians means he is overworked), I think it was about as fast for us to fly and go to our Dallas pedi. We keep a pedi in Dallas since we were living there for awhile after Ellie's birth and she needed a doc for shots, etc.)

Here's the stats:
weight - 11 pounds, 12 ounces (15%)
length - 22 3/4 inches (4%)
head - 50%
(She's a petite little thing! :))

By 4 months old, Ellie can:
reach for toys and bat them
locate certain people by name (recently we were playing "Where's Will?" with Will - Ellie was just in the room - & she immediately looked right at Will & stared him down!  She can do this with Daddy & Mommy too.)
naps 3-4 times a day... I'm trying to drop one nap
is a great sleeper - easily goes down & likes to sleep!
Eats 6 times a day
Mostly sleeps through the night, except when sick or on travel days
coos a lot & squeals loudly - such a girl - but not in crowds.  Prefers to talk loudly when one on one
Loves Christmas lights and fires
has flown three times
rolls over more deliberately
loves to put her ears down in the bath water - just like her big brother did
plays Hide & Seek - hides her face and pops back up with big smiles during "Where's Ellie?"

**disclaimer - I do not put blankets in bed with baby... that was supervised for a picture.  The quilt in the pic was made by Ellie's Great-Great Granny in 1940 and given to her Great-Grammy for her favorite childhood Christmas that year.  Ellie received it from Great-Grammy on her 4th month birthday for her first Christmas.  
I just love how Ellie has such precious quilts and clothes with such history and love put into their making. 

2 thoughts:

JennyCraig said...

Just wanna kiss that sweet petite face! :)

Lisa said...

Happy four months, Miss Priss! You are just DARLING!

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