Ellie in surgery

 We kissed her & released her to the team of doctors at 7:50am.  We're told it may be 3-4 hours.  We have a beeper on us to get to her bedside when she is in recovery.
This is our 4th time to release a child into surgery.
It hasn't gotten any easier.
We had to choose a color for the body cast.  I originally wanted white so that we could decorate it but was told it is difficult to decorate and would quickly show dirt.  They didn't have baby pink.
I'll let the actual color be a shock.
Thank you for covering our precious girl in your prayers.

ps- Christy- if you are up here today, we'd love to see you!
Brenda knows where we are.  

2 thoughts:

leeannloggins said...

Praying so hard for Ellie this morning and for you Katie and Reagan as well as Will. God is holding her right now and he will never let go. Love to you all.
Lee Ann Loggins

Mike and Christie said...

We'll be up after lunch. She looks so adorable in her gown.

BTW- They tried to do an epidural on Erika, and it didn't work. She can't bend well, and to get the needle in correctly you have to be able to bend.

She did much better on the morphine drip.

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