Ellie just completed surgery.3+ hours
The surgeon, who happens to be chief of staff and very experienced and gifted said, "it was very difficult due to her diagnosis. I'm glad we knew what we were doing." So are we.
she is now in a MRI "high contrast dye" MRI to be certain they got her hip situated correctly. This was a surprise to us. She is still under general anesthesia and was accompanied by 2 anesthesiologists so we were unable to go with her. She passed by us and was completely covered except for her neck. Still in a mask and intubated. Hard to see- reminded me of a shroud. They assured me she is doing fine.
Should be out in 1 hr. Nurse just told me 3 hrs til they wake her and allow nursing.
Will is loving the child life room. He has been learning all about spica and surgery.
Our stress and anxiety is extremely high.

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Lisa Johnson said...

Praying for all of you! Stay strong, Ellie Girl!

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