She's Half!

 Look who's HALF!
(half a year that is)
 At 6 months old...
Ellie weighs 13.2 ounces (pre-cast), 23 pounds with cast
Ellie has begun to squeal even more often & louder
makes a hilarious clicking noise which she is so proud of herself for 
smiles often at anyone
is very expressive with her eyes and smiles
takes 3 naps a day
is a great flier
loves to cuddle
has the best smelling milk breath
I can see two teeth but they haven't popped through the gum yet
before getting her cast on, she could sit for about 8 seconds independently
still has her sparkly eyes (they didn't sparkle for several days post-op)
loves to play on her play mat
loves to nurse (5x/day) and refuses bottles still
I have no idea how good a night sleeper she is right now as we have to wake her throughout the night for diaper changes in her body cast
has tried oatmeal but doesn't get it very often (nutritionally unnecessary since she is breastfed & too much of a pain with all of her other care requirements)
adores her big brother
adores her daddy
gives the most precious "love looks"
loves to be outside and squeals with delight 
despite being trapped in a body cast, she has learned to scoot somewhat  and can do chest thrusts like no other to communicate excitement or "hold me!"
enjoys a good sponge bath (can't wait to fully bathe her again in 3 months)
does not like distractions or interruptions while she is eating
continues to learn to grasp and has grasped our hands better and lightweight toys
rubs me with one hand while nursing which recently her big brother noticed & went running to excitedly tell Daddy that "Ellie is moving her hand!"  How precious that he is celebrating her accomplishments!
seems to have a high tolerance for pain
has incredible patience
has endured so much
brings us immeasurable joy
has completely captured our hearts

 generally is a very happy baby

 We had Ellie's half birthday party last night.
Just before her half party, she got sick and threw up twice (the cast was spared, thankfully.)  Then, she had major diarrhea which went down the leg of the cast.  We spent probably 2 hours cleaning it but took a break for the half party with her brother before he went down for bed.  It was a nightmare & required a call to the hospital for fear she might have to return to Dallas for an emergency cast replacement.  More on that experience later.
Back to the half party-
she got a half size balloon which she thought was hilarious
(& provided great entertainment during her nightmarish diaper cleaning later that night)
 & her brother ate a half size cake 
We also sang the "Happy Half Birthday" song but Will couldn't stand the thought of only singing half.
 And she got a new little toy.

and this has nothing to do with Ellie's half birthday but was too precious-
what we found Will doing at the end of his nap the other day.
Tired, tired boy.

2 thoughts:

23weeks said...

Your babies look so strong and happy!!! Today I saw a mom with a newborn with limb differences.. I want so bad to say “Baseballs, Butterflies & Blessings”… I knew it would help her in way it did me, but I stopped myself. Just like I would not want someone to offer eye doctors to me after seeing my son.. I could not do that to this new mom. But, I will pray she comes across your blog.

Amanda said...

Happy half birthday, little lady! You are so precious!

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