Because of our unique experiences, I have been so blessed to have met other women (some only via emails or phone calls) in similar circumstances.  Though I may not know much about them, the fact that we have children with similar conditions or that we have each experienced a high risk pregnancy somehow brings us into a sweet sort of friendship.
I treasure these relationships.  In many ways, these women get me and get our life in a way others can't.
I have cried with many of them.  We've laughed at things only we would find humor in.  We've prayed together and sent scriptures to each other.  We've compared notes on doctors and therapies, hospitals and surgeries.

This week, I was honored to attend the birth of one of these precious friends' daughters.

I have been profoundly changed by my experience.

I was privileged to kiss the precious heads of babies now at the feet of Christ.  Rubbing their soft skin, smelling their freshly shampooed heads, adoring their oh so cute little bottoms, admiring their adorable little lips, celebrating their lives... It was one of my greatest honors to capture precious pictures of their lives and to hug a woman who chose to carry babies to term, despite a poor prenatal diagnosis.

Tomorrow, I will sit at a service honoring the lives of two precious girls.  I will hope to photograph some details of the day so that their parents and someday their big brother can remember how they were honored.

My heart continues to break.  I am heartbroken for a mother who, though she knows her infant daughters are with Christ in Heaven, longs for them to be in her arms tonight.  I am heartbroken for a big brother.  I am heartbroken for a daddy and for grandparents.  I don't have words.  I am just heartbroken.  I am thankful for the time they were here.  I am heartbroken for the years they are not.

Once again, it is confirmed to me that a life is not measured in moments or number of breaths.  Quality of life is not defined by medicine or science.  Significance is not found in so much of what we spend our efforts doing.

Our significance is a result of being created by the Most High God.

 Though I may not understand His ways and though my heart is heavy this week at the loss of these sweet lives, I remain confidant in the truth of His Word - these babies are fearfully and wonderfully made.  They are loved and cherished.  They were created with love and with intent and with purpose.  They are precious to Him.

I met two beautiful baby girls this week.  Their lives were significant.  Their impact is far reaching.

I am deeply honored to have known them in their brief lives.

So many have been so faithful to pray for us and for our children.  Please, would you pray for our friends?  Would you lift them up to a God of comfort as they grieve the loss of their infant daughters?

2 thoughts:

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's tremendous loss. I'm praying for their family right now.

Mike and Christie said...

What a huge loss....I am so sorry.
It brings back memories of 30 years ago in the Neo Natal ICU, when the doc pulled us aside and said our son was brain dead. I can still feel the sting of that, even today.....May the Lord of ALL COMFORT be with this precious family as they grieve their tremendous loss..... Thank you for being God's loving arms to them.

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