8 months

Ellis is 8 months old!

(Body cast means I still have no idea of her stats (weight, length, etc.))

This month,
Ellie tried solids for the first time - green beans, peas, & even a taste or two of mommy's bananas
She loved real food.
Ellie became constipated for the first time (solids plus immobility in a cast didn't work out so well... we're sticking to just veggies & not very much at a time.)
She began really babbling - mostly she says "da da da da."
She has begun to interact conversationally.
She squeals with delight.
When excited, she pants loudly.
When happy, she clicks her tongue.
She figured out how to get a pacifier in and out of her mouth!
She has held two toys at a time briefly!
She can lift a light weight toy both up and back down without dropping it.
Stranger anxiety has set in - she prefers her mommy. (Will never had any stranger anxiety  - this is a new one for us.)
She wants to sit up so badly & will thrust her chest inside that cast in an effort to be upright.
She loves to be held.
She got her first skin breakdown rash inside the cast (above the diaper area in a hard to get place - it's awful.)
She loves to be held while the holder does squats.  
We've learned several new tickle spots (her lower tummy - way down her cast) & the tops of her thighs (around the cast.)
She thinks her big brother is hilarious.  
She gives kisses (sort of.)
When nervous, her hands become very fidgety.
She sings loudly.
She takes 2 naps a day but sometimes gets a short third nap.
I'm breaking all sorts of rules & she sleeps with her head on the boppy pillow and her legs propped up on various pillows/burp cloths and a little blanket.
She eats 5 times a day (sometimes 6 if I can't get her calmed down after her 3:30am cast care.)
She refuses a bottle & loves to nurse.
She is a speed nurser & makes the most precious sounds of delight/sighs while eating.

We adore her completely.

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Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

Happy 8 months Ellie! You are sooooooooo precious and such a pretty girl!

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