• I will give Ellie her final sponge bath until her next surgery (10 mts away approx)
  • I will cut & tape a Poise pad for the last time
  • I will stuff various pads/diapers etc in my daughter's diaper area 
  • I will tape and moleskin for for the final time
  • I will use a hairdryer on her back and bottom for the final time
  • I will check her skin for breakdown using a flashlight 
  • I will put lavender oil on her for the final time to mask a fishy odor coming from within the cast
  • I will wake her at 11:30pm and 3:30am for the final time
Soon the body cast will be off and I will...
  • bathe her!!! (in a sink at the hospital after the cast comes off and before she heads to therapy for new splints)
  • put lotion on her  - all over her!  (gently, however, as I've been told her body will be very, very sensitive having not been touched for so long)
  • breathe in the smell her when she is clean!!!
  • cuddle her with my arms wrapped around her bare body 
  • nurse her without a pillow or awkward position
  • put her to bed without pillows and burp cloths
  • take her outside and not worry if it is too hot
  • put her in a bumbo
  • put her in a high chair to feed her
  • put her in a regular car seat
  • wear her easily and comfortably
  • hold her comfortably
  • change a diaper in less than 30 seconds and without extra supplies
  • put her in whatever outfit I want
  • sleep all night again
  • put her in an exersaucer and jumparoo
  • watch her roll over again
  • see her leg rolls
  • know how much she weighs again
  • taker her anywhere easily
  • be able to put medicine on her bug bites (I can see three bites down the back of her cast)
  • treat her skin breakdown
  • not answer stupid questions from strangers who wonder how I "broke your baby's legs?!"  ARRRRRGGGGG!
  • kiss her all over
  • hold her close and tightly

But, oh, to kiss those legs and that tummy again.  I have really really really missed seeing my baby's little body, smelling her baby smell, nursing her comfortably, bathing her, holding her easily, taking care of her when she is uncomfortable or hurting, zerberting her tummy, watching her roll, and so much more.  I can hardly wait for cast off!

(fyi - Ellie's appt is at 1pm for cast off followed by an appt with her lowers doctor /team followed by taping & splinting with her therapists
Will's appt is at 10:30am with his lowers doctor /team & hopefully we'll begin the prosthetics process for him following that.  Busy day!)

3 thoughts:

Crystal said...

Hip Hip Horray, Hip Hip Horray!

The Relogroup said...

It is a good Friday indeed! What a beauty she will be on Sunday in her Easter best!

Amanda said...

I'm so happy for you right now! Praise the Lord! Well done, mama.

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