Fun Spring Days

Spring days are spent well when they are spent...

watching the rain and rocking in the arms of Lovie before naps
playing at the lake
quick trips to the zoo between naps & watching a big brother feed the birds

and jumping with mama every time this big black bear opens his big mouth full of teeth right in front of our faces
(thank goodness for glass)

looking pretty at the zoo

fishing with Daddy

relaxing in a hammock

putting together his first "taco" box filled with lures
(what's not fun?  pretending you are a "wide mouthed bass fish" & putting a lure in your lip - lesson learned by a little boy recently...)

silly songs with Will & Ellie

visits with old friends, the Salisburys, here from NC...
I've known them my entire life (John & my Dad have been best friends since age 6!)  We've grown up camping together, white water canoeing, swimming races, etc.  When they were serving as missionaries in Guatemala, I went to see them three times & once spent time in college living with them in Guatemala at a children's home.  One of their daughters was in our wedding & the Salisburys made the effort to be at the births of each of my children.  They are a precious family and we are thankful for their friendship, counsel, prayers, & support.
They hadn't seen Ellie since the day she was born.  So fun!

John & Will set out to catch a big fish.  Will has been talking for days about his goal of catching a "catfish."
(Preferably a fish this time - not his lip.)
Goal met!
(With the help of John)
They caught a HUGE 4 pound catfish!!!
Will was so excited!!!  (AKA a leopard - we had walked through a craft fair at a nearby park earlier that day)
Daddy was so proud!
We were all astounded!

Will, John, & the HUGE bass!
Apparently catfish have barbs or something?  John took one for the team.

Showing off his very lively fish
More fishing with Daddy

reading on the couch
(we start 'em early)

 jumping on the trampoline

 flying a kite
(even if your child is no where around & your wife spots you from a distance solo kite flying & she smiles because you may be 30something & a professional but deep down you still love to play)

 hanging out shirtless with Cookie
 and flying a kite with one's child
Loving these spring days

3 thoughts:

Crystal said...

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE to see and hear you all being together as a family! I am so thankful you are able to be close to doctors but more that you all can be together more!!

Anonymous said...

What a WONDERFUL post! Great pictures, even better SMILES! Love them all.


kate said...

i just can't tell you how much i love your blog! you make me laugh and cry, and i can't wait to see you! i'll call you tomorrow bc i need to hug these kids! :)

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