9 months!

Ellie turned 9 months old recently.

Here's her stats:
17 pounds, 3 oz - (20%)
25 inches - (1%)

(yes, 1% - it always amazes me when people tell me she is big - this baby is tiny!)

We are delaying her shots.  Not by choice.  She missed her 6 month shots due to the spica cast so we intended to get caught up at her 9 month well check.  But she got sick yesterday before the appointment & was running a fever so unable to get shots!  We'll try again next week.

I'm having a lot of feelings about her appointment.  I adore her just the way she is but it was hard to have to say "no" to almost every single developmental question.  It's no surprise she has some delays.  With her AMC, we expect them.  And we are addressing them with lots of therapy & trying to patient - knowing she is on her own timeline.  It's just difficult when all the questions are written for someone else's timeline.   And most of the time I don't notice them and it was so hard to have to answer question after question with a "no."  And because I'm psycho and can't stand to only say negative, I have to throw in random cute things she does to the nurse - so there's some positive comments - nurse probably thinks I'm nuts (or was annoyed with me.)
I'm still processing some thoughts... and am too tired to think more about it right now.

What Ellie is up to
at 9 months old:

Ellie has 4 teeth!  (At 8 mts she had 0!  She's been hard at work this month!)
Can sit for very brief periods of time & only under close supervision as she tends to flop backwards.
But she can sit!  
Has started rolling from tummy to back again (she could do this before spica) - but only does it during her sleep so I suspect it is not intentional yet.
Says 'dadada" a lot.  
Squeals loudly!
Laughs at bouncing.
Adores her brother
Loves to nurse - refuses bottles or cups still
Likes all veggies and fruits.  I've started table foods  - she's not sure what to think but she does like bananas & avocados - not a fan of cheerios or puffs yet.
Loves her baby doll & holds her tightly & gives her kisses
Enjoys books & turns the pages
Can feed herself with a spoon
Loves to swim - gets so excited at the mention of the word
Is so content almost all the time

Brings us immeasurable joy

1 thoughts:

Carman said...

I just want to give you a positive, I guess that is what it would be. I have to say I was a little jealous when I read that Ellie can feed herself with a spoon. My youngest is 16 months and is still all about her fingers!

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