Mother's Day (a bit late)

 I had a lovely Mother's Day
(in the business of mothering, moving, & leaving town, forgot to post!)
I enjoyed a day with my three loves and celebrated the best job in the world.
I am so thankful and often felt overwhelmed with gratitude on Mother's Day - last year's was so fearful for me with everything that was going on with Ellie.
I was so thankful for how "normal" (whatever that is) this year's was.
What a year.
I must admit, however, that I'm always a little bit wistful on Mother's Day.  I always think of my first baby - the one that made me a mommy - & whom I lost.  I long to meet that baby someday in Heaven and am thankful to know that I will.  But I miss knowing the baby now & can't help but think of that baby, especially on this day every year.
In some ways, mothers were especially heavy on my heart.  I have a few friends who have tried for years to conceive - I can only imagine how painful Mother's Day is to them.  I have two friends who have buried their mothers recently.  Mother's Day is heartbreaking for them.  I have a friend who has buried her mother and her daughter in the last year.  I thought of my friend who carried her babies with a fatal diagnosis and whom I had the honor of meeting those two precious souls moments before they were at the feet of the King.  Though her daughters are in Heaven, I know Mother's Day must have been so painful for her - the missing and yearning to hold them here now.  My heart ached for a friend who does not have a good relationship with her mother - so much pain and regret and sorrow.  And the girl from our former town, the girl I don't know personally although we shared mutual friends, she had a brain injury and has been in a coma and though is awake has now been moved across the state for rehab.  She's about my age and has two small children and I think and pray for her often - what heartache to be removed from her children while she heals and recovers.  What must Mother's Day have been like for her this year?  Or for her children?
While I love Mother's Day, the opportunity to be pampered and sleep just  a few minutes later and just enjoy being a mom, it carries a bit of an ache with it too.

I have grown more as a mother this year than ever before.  My own mother has taught me so much about the sacrificial love of being a mom.
She has also demonstrated how motherhood is for life - her support has been a lifeline this year.
This Mother's Day was the first I've celebrated with her since our marriage - what a joy to spend the day with my daughter and my son and the evening with my mother too.
I have much to be thankful for.

Ellie on the boat (at dock which is why no life jacket yet - she's just posing for the picture!)
 Our fam
 My man & his girl
 3 out of 4 of us have our eyes closed.  Apparently it's hereditary to close your eyes in pictures

 I believe Ellie found boating terribly relaxing
So, a very late Happy Mother's Day to many of you & thank you for how so many of you encourage me in mothering!

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