what we've been doing all week...

So, we moved. 
kind of.
Except we're not fully living in our new (to us) house yet.
We had some drama with our movers we hired and ended up not letting them finish the job last weekend.
We were thankfully able to find new movers who finished the job on Sunday.
Kind of.
We've worked almost all week getting the house ready & had planned to spend the night there by Monday.  But then we hit a big hiccup with the carpet (they mismeasured & therefore misordered by 7 feet.)
Good times.

Maybe if I ever unpack everything & am not crashed on the couch somewhere I'll take pictures.
For now - here's a few of the disaster area that is our new home:

Ellie's room.  I painted green polka dots all the way around & am awaiting her monogram to arrive which will go in the large circle over her crib

 Our sunroom:
 Living Room:
 Living Room:
 Will's room:
(It's the most completed at this point thanks to my mom & aunt.)
 Ellie's room with stuff
(Will got so excited when he saw the rocker in place & begged me to rock him.  How could I resist?  Then he asked me to sing his songs.  
Be still my heart.)
 One of our very favorite things about the house is the yard.  We call it "Will's woods."  It has a huge backyard that is perfect for a little boy to explore & have all sorts of adventures!  
On a rainy day this week, he had fun exploring!
 Yahoo for no spica cast which means Ellie can sit (at last - her hips are allowing more movement now 2 weeks post spica)- in a bumbo!!!  Thank goodness!  I needed to be able to keep her busy while unpacking and cooking dinner earlier this week.
 Any why keep it simple?
One day this week, we headed to Dallas to begin new prosthetics for Will & splinting & therapy for Ellie.

During Ellie's appointment, Will & I enjoyed the beautiful day at the park.
He listened to Mr. Twain read & impart wisdom:
 And he played some Ring Around the Rosie
And the good news of that day?
First, the bad news: Ellie's feet have regressed some due to her time in spica.
But the great news?  Her therapists are trying new splints on her that are below the knee.  That means I can see and feel her knees again!  It means I can hold her without scratching up my arm (seriously - my arm is often really scratched up and looks like I have a bad rash.)  It means she can bend her legs like a baby again as I hold her.  It feels so good to nurse her and hold her close without her knees covered.  It might just be an inch or two but it seems to make such a difference to me.  It reminds me of last summer when Will's prostheist decided to let him try prosthetics without the neoprene sleeve up his thighs.  Just seeing his thighs & knees again did wonders for me!  Hopefully, these AFO splints will be just as effective - I love them more already!

 One of our goals in moving closer to our doctors was to have more family dinners.  I was too tired to cook after arriving home from Dallas (exhausting week of moving combined with only 2 hours of sleep the previous night - for some reason Ellie was up a lot & Will was up with bad growing pains which are difficult to work out & extremely painful when one can not flex a foot to extend the calf muscle.)  So, I was tired.  And though I had stuff at our new house ready for me to make dinner with, I didn't have the energy to do it so we grabbed the stroller and walked to a pizza place.  It was actually a really fun family night out!

Off to unpack yet another box.

PS- the GIVEAWAY (scroll down a few posts) will end TODAY - around 5pm CST

5 thoughts:

Theresa said...

love all that exposed brick!

evangeline said...

Looks like it will be a beautiful house when the boxes are gone!

Carman said...

When we lived in East Texas we too had a forest to explore in our backyard. It was the best time for my oldest. I am sad that our youngest won't experience it, now that we are back in West Texas.

kelly said...

yay for getting "back to normal" in the new house!! when we've moved in the past, i usually go crazy after a few days, throw all of the boxes of stuff in one room & just leave them there to go through for however long it takes (months!)!

gtown1 said...

Love the brick archway! :)
And thankful you still find time to blog in spite of being so busy--I'm blessed to continue through the years to keep up with your sweet family.
Miss ya'll--love--ejw

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