A Science Lesson Gone Wrong

Just in case you've ever considered googling a homemade clay recipe online to try with your three year old in a futile attempt to make a homemade solar system galaxy of planets to teach him a science lesson because he is very curious about space...
I highly recommend you not.
Because it is messy.
And the homemade clay doesn't stick together.
Which means your floors and child and clothes and counter are filthy and your planets are falling apart.
We try again tomorrow - with playdough.
Because I am nothing if not helpful... or scientific for that matter (I had to look up the planets and review myself - it's like I was hardly paying attention in high school physics, biology,   chemistry, science.  
Also, Pluto is apparently no longer considered a planet.  It's like I'm totally relearning this stuff.
I just wanted to share with you what not to do in case you are also trying to teach the solar system to your preschooler.
You're welcome.

(and in case you are further wondering, he's wearing a bear towel which he believes turns him into a bear superhero.  And he is wearing underwear. That's it.
Just so you know.)

4 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

Use styrofoam balls... they have different sizes and it works quite well. You can cover them with papar mache' and paint them, and they are lighter. That whole pluto thing bugs me. And what about Planet X? What is it? LOL

Elizabeth said...


You inspire me. You're an incredible mother and you have incredible children.

I was also going to inquire about how we get a WTAWTAW Tshirt. I'm committed to the DWR Half Marathon. I'm going to be traveling from Nebraska in December for race day. No rush right now, but I thought I'd let you know there will be a few more people added to the team.

You're family continues to inspire me as I graduate, find a "real" job and prepare for my August wedding.
God Bless - Liz

Anonymous said...

Totally use styrofoam balls, paint them and hang them with thread from wire-coat hangers. Have FUN!

Mandi said...

You don't even have to use paint if you don't want to! My fiance used foam balls and markers for his class.

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