Fun With Dandy

 Recently, R was out of town for 8 days.  My parents were also out of town during that time so my mom's cousin, Dandy, who is more like an aunt to me, came to visit from Virginia for several days.
Dandy stayed with us and was a huge help with my kids!  8 days of doing the bedtime routine solo can get a little tiresome.  I was so thankful to have another set of hands to help!  Plus, she helped Will's Great-Mimi care for him during Ellie's therapy session, helped cook, played cars endlessly, and offered great ideas.  I love visiting with Dandy because she is very intentional about her parenting.  She came with books she is reading about helping guide her young adult children!  I love her thoughts on parenting and how she explores new ideas and offers sound advice and encouragement.  And I just really love how intentional she is - she and her husband, Bob, put a lot of effort into making good parenting decisions and I learn a lot just from being around Dandy.
The kids love their "Aunt Dandy" & played lots and lots of games with her! 
 At the end of the week, R & my parents all came home from their various trips.  (R, however, returned sick so though he was back in our home, he was pretty much in bed... it was a looooong 2 weeks!)

I hosted a birthday dinner for my mom which was lots of fun.  Along with Dandy, her cousin Jerry came to town.  And of course, her sister, Aunt Lili was there too!

Thank you, Dandy, for coming to town to help!  We love you & miss you!

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