I took some pictures of flowers I have in vases around my house - all grown in my yard

hydrangeas make me happy.
They calm me and make me feel peaceful.

R's parents (Honey & G-Dad) & Great-Granny came to visit

I love the way Ellie is looking at her Great-Granny
(Ellie's middle name, Grace, comes from Great-Granny's mom)

Honey & Ellie
 Playing farm animals with Great-Granny
Reading a story before naptime

we attended an outdoor concert to watch our friend Caroline Smith was playing
(Love how Ellie is keeping her eye on Hutch's sweet potato fry)

Listening to the music with her Cookie

Climbing at the concert
Me & My Girl

I caught Will & Ellie happily playing with their Cookie & Lovie

I copied my sister in law who lets one of her boys sleep in her bed when my brother in law is out of town...
I let Will be my "roommate" while R was traveling for work.  He loved it.  
I liked it too - thankfully he is a great sleeper!

Will & I went on a mommy date.  He carried the money in proudly & bought our musical tickets.
(Sorry - blurry phone picture.)
We saw his first ever musical - Alice in Wonderland.  It was great!  He sat on my lap the entire show which I loved.  He was fascinated by the clapping after every number.
After the show, the cast was in the hallway - he hugged Alice and high- fived the White Rabbit.  He was scared of the Queen of Hearts - I guess that means she performed her role excellently.

Recently, I snapped this picture of Ellie's tan lines in the stroller on our way home from an evening swim in our neighborhood pool.  
This is my proof that she really does wear her splints as much as she is supposed to!  We take them off for swimming, bathing, & taping - she wears the tape & splints about 22 hours/day.

Coming Soon:  Fourth of July FUN!

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