Swinging & Scooting & Growing Tall

We finally got Will's fort and swing set set up this week (thanks Honey & G-dad for the fun playground!)  
And Ellie got to try out her first swing!  
She LOVED it!  Giggled non-stop!

We also had a swing put up in our front yard so that I can be swinging Ellie while Will is running around playing with the kiddos on our street.  (And I can keep her happy & an eye on him. :))
She is such a little daredevil!

We expect Ellie to scoot rather than crawl since she has a limited range of motion in her arms and legs and low muscle tone.  Plus, I imagine crawling would be difficult and painful on her shoulders and hands.  
While I've prepared myself that it may be months and months before she scoots, based on what I've read and heard, I'm thinking she might do it really, really soon.  
Look what I caught her doing repeatedly today after her long morning of therapy!
She is definitely practicing the motions! :)
Go Ellie Girl!!!
The other night, I caught a glimpse  of a big boy who can rest his feet on the floor from the edge of the couch now...He's growing up so quickly!

ps - I'm going to attempt my very first "series" post tomorrow - stay tuned. :)

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Mike and Christie said...

Soooo cute! Love those belly laughs. Will looks so grown up!

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