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First - WOW!  You guys have so many great thoughts and insight into toys!  Thank you!  I even got a super fun email from a toy designer & will share more in a later post this week...
I've just been a bit too  busy /distracted to respond...  we've had a death in the family over the weekend, Will was on a radiothon, Will had Meet the Teacher Day at Pre-K, & his birthday party!
So - coming this week:  radiothon, starting Pre-K, a post in that how-to series I started forever ago & forgot to continue (whoops - follow thru is not my strong suit) & toys!
(& I'm working on a giveaway!)


A few weeks ago, the nurse in charge of the special needs clinic at our pediatrician's office asked us if Will could be interviewed on the radio for a Children's Miracle Network Radiothon.  The CMN supports  lots of great things here - including the Special Needs Clinic.  The clinic has helped to simplify my life - there are two nurses that are fabulous - they return my phone calls in minutes and are very helpful in coordinating specialists, researching for me, answering my questions, letting me vent about frustrations, helping me work through challenges, etc.  They are also in every appointment we ever go to at the pediatrician's - well checks, sick checks, random rash checks... every appointment.  They serve I think around 500 children just in the special needs clinic alone!  I ADORE them!  Seriously, I have missed them the past three years that we weren't a part of this clinic & I think every parent parenting a child with differences or special needs needs a Shirley & a Molly in their lives!
So, of course I said YES!

And Will was very excited too!

He spoke into the microphone and attempted to answer their questions - here he is showing the dj how he holds a pen with one finger
The dj was very curious about his "limitations" (ummm - what's that?)   He showed her he can color with one hand...
In between songs, she asked him a few questions... he tried to answer but he is 3 ...
She did ask him if there is anything he can't do.
His response, 
"Well, I can't cook trees (broccoli) yet but I can cook cookies."

Go here to hear a brief recording.
(turn the blog music to pause at bottom of screen!)

So - there you go. I don't allow my child to help me cook broccoli but he does help bake cookies! :)
Admittedly, I had a hard time addressing one dj by his name of "Lucky Larry" - it's just hard for me to keep a straight face while calling an adult that!  Will loved dj Lisa - she wore a Batman t-shirt so I think it was love at first sight for him.
He wanted her off the air so she could talk to him about superheroes. 
Shirley entertained and fed Ellie for me in a room down the hall.
While waiting for the phones to ring, Will threw the ball and played with a child life specialist
Finally, a phone call in to donate money!  Will got to answer the phone & cracked me up.
Thanks, Shirley & Robyn for letting us participate!  We are so thankful all you do for the Special Needs Clinic & the Children's Miracle Network!  

This has nothing to do with anything... I just love this boy & these curls.

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