Emergency Surgery

During soccer practice last week, we noticed Will's prosthetics (zancos) were having some issues - the feet kept twisting on him which really made running very difficult.
So, first thing Friday morning, I found a local prosthesist who worked him in...
& conducted a minor emergency surgery.
No anesthesia required.

In fact, the brave patient happily played superheroes and cars during the operation.
That is my kind of surgery.

After that, for more fun in "random medical things I had not planned on doing that day" we headed for some x-rays.
Will was so brave - he stood by himself for his "pictures" & did great.  Flash the superhero stood nearby offering moral support.
Afterwards, Will asked the tech if he could look at his bones - she let him & he thought that was so cool.
(We've come a loooong way from those first xrays.)
And then we headed for blood draws... which I don't have pictures of because that is never ever easy.

1 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

You had me there for a minute! LOL
I remember talking to my mom once and I said rather matter of factly... "Sarah fell and broke her leg, so we dropped it off at the hospital and we'll pick it up tomorrow."
It took her a while to process that.... she was still upset Sarah had broken her leg..... :)

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