"Let's Do It Today! It's Family Vacation Time!"

We are on our first ever family of four family vacation!
And we are having a blast!
Will said today "this is the best family vacation ever!"
Yesterday, he announced, "Let's do it today!  Family Vacation Time!"
We are in beautiful Colorado & loving the quiet, the mountains, the water, the elk, and just being together.

The kids did great on our flights!
They were crowded flights & Ellie flew as a lap child but inbetween flights, I let her stretch out in her own chair for a few minutes...

 They both love reading
Keeping busy at DIA while Daddy went for the rent car...
Will played hide & seek - in a small space so repeatedly hiding behind this pole
 At last, we arrived at Uncle Adam's.
He has stairs!
And a sleeping bag!  Which, apparently, is fun on stairs!

We spent our first two days visiting my brother, Adam, & his girlfriend, Megan, in Fort Collins.
They took us to a fun park:

Our little fam swinging

cool statues downtown

Old Town has an alley with fun fountains that Will played in.
He couldn't figure out how the water was "jumping" over him
Ducking from the "jumping" water

While bossing Will about where to sit so I could get the perfect picture directing Will where to locate himself to get the most from the experience, I got soaked.
I was not in a swimsuit.
My husband and little brother thought it was hilarious.
(I suppose my little brother has had some experience with my giving of instructions. :))

They took us to a fun restaurant.
Will had "rootbeer milk."
In case you are wondering, as I was, I asked the serve what rootbeer milk is.
Her reply, " it's rootbeer... and milk."
Thank you.
He & Ellie split a fish and chips.
Next stop - London

Random tangent:
When I was a new mommy, an older mom speaking at our mom's group one evening shared how she thanks her kids for just being them.  I loved that concept and have expanded that in our family to try to notice certain qualities/characteristics in my kids that are praiseworthy and thanking them for that...
On Saturday, we woke our kids up at 6am.  We trapped them in their carseats for the drive to Dallas.
We then walked them through the airport and put them on a plane.  It was a very crowded flight and Ellie did not get her morning nap.  They did awesome on the flights (2 flights.) 
Then, they sat at Denver airport eating lunch surrounded by our bags and swarming flies while they waited for Daddy to get the rent car.  Will played hide and seek with me in a very small area.  Pretty much - he had two hiding spots and I had to really fake searching for him.  He will probably grow up thinking I was not a good finder.)
Then, we strapped them in their car seats again, told them "night night" & they both took their afternoon naps in the car.  They normally sleep for 2-2.5 hrs.  They got less than an hour's nap.
Then, we played with Uncle Adam & Megan and took them out to eat at a restaurant.
It could have gone either way but they both behaved great.
Then, by the time we got to our hotel, checked in, and bathed, Ellie's crib set up, etc, it was after 9pm CO time (so 10pm TX time.)  
And no meltdowns.
I know these kind of days could go either way.  So we made a big effort to really thank our kids and notice how well they behaved and how flexible they were.
I've said it before but I think traveling can be so good for kids in teaching flexibility.  And R & I were so thankful to have a really enjoyable night out with Adam & Megan & our children.
Ok - tangent over.:)

The next morning, Adam & Megan took us to the reservoir.  Admittedly, I did not like driving over the dam!  It was scary!
Will loved throwing rocks.
Ellie played happily on the beach

Will was in a timeout here but I thought he looked so cute against the boulder
Playing a game he invented, "mud foot."
When life hands you mud...
Megan made us an awesome picnic lunch
the boys
Will playing "opossum" on the rock with Uncle Adam.  
(When he was little, Adam played this a lot as I recall!)
Getting thrown by Uncle Adam

Megan & Ellie cuddling on the rock

climbing to be the "McQueen" of the Rock
(this is becoming a theme this week - climbing rocks)

While our kids napped before hitting the road for our cabin we are staying at all week, R & I borrowed Adam & Megan's scooters.
 I had a blast!  Seriously, I think I lost 10 years.  Not in the "I was so scared way" but more in the "I felt ten years younger way."  The thrill (Adam - stop laughing right now.  I mean it.  It is certainly possible to feel a "thrill" while not exceeding 15 mph and avoiding all busy streets.)  
Where was I?
Oh - the thrill.  I just felt so fun & carefree almost - a beautiful sunny day, my precious kiddos napping  & I was out with my husband just enjoying the day - with the wind in my face (& trying to keep my dress down) & seriously - I just felt younger and more fun & relaxed and that feeling lasted long after I got off  the scooter.

 After his nap, we let Will ride just down the block.  He LOVED it.

Thanks, Adam & Megan for hosting us!  We loved seeing you and love Fort Collins!

And, then we headed for our cabin near Rocky Mountain National Park.

Just as we pulled into the town we are staying at, we saw this...
a little rainbow (dead center of the photo)

It's going to be a great week as a family on our first real vacation just the four of us!

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gtown1 said...

LOOKS AMAZING!! I am quite jealous...can't remember the last time I was on a 'vacation'...oh yes I think it was 2004 or 2005 with my parents on a cruise!
I sure hope Forrest wins State this year so we can get a bonus and we can go on a vacation...so glad ya'll are making such fun memories at such young ages.
Did I mention I was jealous?
Love ya'll--Have fun for me/us! :)

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