14 months! (& a MILESTONE!)

Ellie turned 14 months this week!
I let her try chocolate - she was a big fan!

Since turning 12 months, Ellie has:
continued to nap two times a day - though sometimes we skip the morning nap because I have errands or she has therapy,
added in an extra therapy session every week 
extended her therapy sessions in time
added 2 molars to her mouth
added three other teeth - that's 5 teeth in two months.  Yikes.  That's a lot of sleepless nights!
continues to nurse 4-5 times a day.
(Side note - today, Will told his teacher to please "tell the friends that sometimes when Mommy nurses Ellie, she bites her.")
Yes, that is often my clue that a tooth is nearly in - I get a good, strong, toe curling bite.
We do love nursing though & it is going great.  No intentions of stopping anytime soon.
She loves to eat and is a great eater.  This month, besides chocolate, we added fresh spinach to her diet - she loves it.  She also likes cauliflower now.  (had to counteract that chocolate - it's all about balance. ;) )
Sometimes she finishes off her brother's meal.
She will drink from a cup!   She prefers a regular cup but will take a straw cup or sippy for her water.  She rarely gets milk from a cup as I still nurse so not sure which cup she prefers for that.  She has sipped milk from a regular cup.
She loves her mama - and is very, very clingy. (I'm not complaining. :))
She talks to her da da the most and blows him kisses (from my arms.)
She has said mama - only a few times and only when whining.
She has begun to throw fits -usually when she wants to roll and we won't let her in therapy.
She has very strong opinions - especially about being outside.
She loves to swing.
While she was sick recently, I was having a hard time getting her to go to bed and found that walks down our street at 10pm were the key.  Thankfully, that is not the habit and she is usually in bed by 8:30ish.
She is a light sleeper.
She sleeps with her baby dolls in her arms and thinks it is funny when I kiss them good night.
She can scoot in her baby walker!!!
She loves to slide.
She is frustrated a lot - cognitively, she is a 14month old but her body hasn't caught up to her brain and this frustrates her (& me) on a regular basis when she wants to move somewhere but can't, or when she rolls somewhere but hasn't figured out how to sit up yet when she gets there.
She can stack a single block on a tower.
She feeds herself with a spoon or fork. (I assist in getting the food on the utensil.)
She is a great traveller.
She can pick up some of her toys when we say to clean up.
She loves to read books.
She cheers for her brother.

She brings us immeasurable joy.

And her HUGE accomplishment this week?!?  
She can SCOOT!
(Granted, I can't get her to scoot anywhere else but at the park when she is about 8 inches from a slide...
but still, she knows the command "Scoot" and is motivated enough on a slide (where she can easily move her body - carpet, for instance, is tough to scoot on) to move the 8 inches or so to go down the slide!!!  Go Ellie Girl!!!
The quicker we get her scooting - the more mobile she can be... and therefore the more independent!!! )

(to enjoy the videos, please go to bottom of the blog & hit pause on the music playlist. :))

3 thoughts:

The Reeves bunch said...

What a blessing! She is a doll. I hope to see her again someday, so her and Eli can play. Eli will teach her all kinds of things. She is doing so well. I love the video of her scooting.

:)De said...

There is no better sound in the world than to hear a baby laughing. Thank you for sharing.


Mike and Christie said...

She is just too cute! And YOU are a truly BLESSED mommy!

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