Happy Halloween!
Love, Batman & Catgirl

Just in time for Halloween, we went to the R's annual pumpkin carving party.  I used to go to this party when I was a kid... now I'm taking my kids! So fun!
Apparently, I'm the only one in our little family that is willing to carve a jack o'lantern.  And my skills are lacking significantly.

A huge thanks to Tom R for carving a "scary face" jack o'lantern per Will's Batman's request.  

My boys
Playing at the party
 a kiss from my girl to inspire me to keep carving my very uninspired jack o'lantern
 Long time friend Lucy held Ellie for a long time while I hung out and visited with friends!  Thanks, Lucy!

 Batman's friend, Beau, checked out his muscles
 I think this was a chest bump to demonstrate his brute strength.
 Dear Mr. Rogers - this dear man let us stay with him many times while Will was a baby and we were traveling to Dallas for med appts.  So fun to catch up with him at the party.
(random fun trivia - he holds records in running for his age group all over the world - the over 90 age group!  Yes - he runs!  Fast!  and competes! Will likes his medals & trophies at his house.)
 Sweet friends 
 Halloween Day!

This morning, I put on a little Halloween costume to serve breakfast.  Will was not a fan.  He loves pretend and dress up but he insisted I take off my costume.  (It was a simple witch hat & apron.)  He kept saying, "You're my mommy!  You're not a witch!"  Then he said, "Daddy, take her clothes off!"  
So I took off the hat.  And he reminded me throughout the day not to put it back on.
But he did request that I go as Poison Ivy - a villain from Batman - tonight.  So, I carried some fake ivy and used my villain voice.  He was okay with that.

 Catgirl all ready to trick or treat!

All Dressed Up!

 With their fun new monogrammed Halloween baskets - thanks Aunt GAC & Uncle GUS!
 Every year, we stop by Daddy's office in costumes to trick or treat.  After naps & pictures, we headed to his office for our first stop.
 Then, we stopped by Cookie & Lovie's
 (who were dressed up as Hansel & Gretel.)

 Will keeps insisting that inside his costume is Bruce Wayne (the real Batman's name.)  One kid at a house asked him his name.  He replied, "Batman."  The kid asked him his real name.  He replied, "Bruce Wayne."  The kid said, "hi Bruce Wayne."  He had no idea.
Will takes pretend play very seriously.
 The kids LOVED trick or treating!  Batman took his role very seriously - ringing the bell, saying the phrase, choosing his candy, saying thank you, and on to his next house swinging his bucket.  One happy boy.  I like that at this age, I can still control the candy intake - I think he only had 3 pieces tonight!
Ellie loved it too.  She would babble away at each house in her high pitched voice.  Then, when we put her in front of the door, she would actually SCOOT to get to the candy bowl!  She had her very first piece of candy today so it's not like she knew what candy was.  But she knew her brother wanted it and that the wrappers were pretty and the girl moved it to get close to the bowl & choose something!  Cracked us up and now we know what to motivate her with! :)

 A very good Halloween...
and a tired mama off to bed!

(I don't remember Halloween being tiring as a kid! :))

2 thoughts:

~Stevie~ said...

Adorable! Tell Bruce Wayne hello from Mario, Luigi & Toad. They like to stay in character too! : )

Miles said...

Please tell Bruce Wayne that two Peter Parkers really dig his costume!


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