We're having a bit of a "hairy" day today - multiple appointments, two kids, one mommy, one Lovie (already in Dallas so she will babysit Ellie at her hotel room while I take Will to his solo appointment), two doctors in two vastly different specialities, located at two clinics, in two cities, about an hour away from each other (assuming no traffic)... and just over an hour of time in between appointments for me to get both kids nursed/fed and shuttled between (praying for no traffic.)

And then Ellie and I are driving a few more hours to join up with the women from our former church for a women's retreat.  I'm so excited to see old friends!!!
Leave it to me to cram a few appointments in in the meantime.
So - as a stress antidote for myself...
and in keeping with the "hairy" day I'm having...
here's some hairy pictures!
 Ellie with a ponytail!
 Will with post nap hair
 First pigtails!!!
First haircut
a not so pleasant experience
Combing her hair afterwards:
(Yahoo for this - we used to wonder about her function levels for daily hygiene like combing her own hair - since both shoulders are dislocated.  Looks like she's got this one! :))

 And a little game I like to play called "Entertaining Mommy while bathing kids"
aka "Shapes"
 Not many people can look this cute with a mohawk

 Double mohwaks
Aren't they so cute?!!?

 bath love

How I love these two.

5 thoughts:

BMarie said...

The pictures in this post made my day!!! Darling, darling, darling!! You are in my thoughts and prayers that today goes smoothly for all of you.
Have a blessed day!

Erika Minich said...

So cute!!!!! Love it.

Erika M.

Anonymous said...


Claire said...

I just saw this device and wondered if it might work Will, actually for both kids! http://www.abilityanswers.com/writing-bird-p-1703.html

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

Cool Claire! Thanks for researching for me!! I just checked it out & will mention it in OT tomorrow am.
Thanks - K

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