Recording a Story- a review & giveaway!

Who needs to hear your voice today, reminding them that they are loved and they are special?
Whose voice do you or your child need to hear?

Recently I received a new book in the mail.
I love books and I especially love children's books.
But this wasn't your typical, run of the mill children's book.
It's a beautiful recordable storybook from DaySpring.

It sat on my kitchen counter for a few days while I brainstormed whose voice it should hold.
Then, I remembered that we are in the process of getting a couple of Compassion children.  Specifically, we're making Compassion work really hard as I wanted children with limb differences.  
I thought that it would be really special to have Will record the book and we'll send it in our first package to our new Compassion kids (hopefully soon!)

He had a lot of fun "reading" with Mommy's help.
 I was thrilled that the recorder was so easy to operate- 
my four year old can do it... all by himself.

 The illustrations are beautiful - and showcase all kinds of children.
 And the words?
They are words every child needs to hear - that they are loved and they are special and they are never alone - Jesus is with them all day long.
They're perfect for grandparents to record their voices (we have several books which hold grandparent's recordings.)  We have one with Will & Ellie's cousins' voices.  They are great for far away relatives or special friends.  Maybe you could record one and drop it at your local hospital for the pediatric wing or at a women's shelter for displaced families.  Maybe you know of some children that aren't read to daily - could your voice minister to them?   

 Who needs to hear your voice today?  
Who needs to hear that they are loved and special?  

Do you know a child who needs to learn the power of their words and their own voice - who can learn to use their voice to spread love?

I'm giving away a FREE recordable storybook from DaySpring!  
(The book is valued at $29.95!  The winner will receive a coupon for a free book - winner pays shipping.)
2 ways to enter:
1.  Become a follower of this blog  & leave a comment that you did so on this post.
2.  Leave a comment on this post and tell me who you would record a book for if you won.

Comments will be closed sometime next week & a winner will be chosen then.

(Disclosure:  DaySpring did provide this product for my review.  However, all opinions are my own.)

10 thoughts:

Lisa Johnson said...

I am a follower of your blog. :)

The Reeves bunch said...

So sweet! We have always loved those sweet books that you can record your voice.

Lisa Johnson said...

If I received this book, I would record a story for Field!

Sarah said...

If I were to receive this amazing book. I would have Jessica record it and we would send it to Jackie...our orphan we sponsor a The Luwanda Children's Home in Uganda, Africa!!

Carey said...

I am a follower thru a friend.... Brooke Meabon. My father was recently diagnosed with Lou Gherig's disease, which will eventually rob him of the ability to walk, speak, eat and breath. If I won this book, I would have him read it to my 2 year old daughter so she can save her grandfather's quickly disappearing voice on her bookshelf forever.

Natalie said...

I already follow your blog and if we recieved this book I would have my 91 year old grandmother record it for my baby girl Corrine who she is named after!

tory said...

~Hello~! This is Tory from Montana just stopping by and catching up on Will and Ellie...just love you all. I must say Happy 1st Birthday Ellie...and what a first year you have had...! You have been thru so much and yet...that beautiful face and smile show no signs of the trials of your first year. This is because you have so much love all around you...there is no time for sadness...YOU are a gift given to your Mommy and Daddy and Will....and we are so fortunate your Mommy shares YOU and WILL with us. You both teach us so many lesson's in life...and what is important. With LOVE there is NO time limits...I love how your Mommy talked about this. I love your Mommy's new "mantra"!!! Thank you for sharing your adorable, beautiful stories with us...I am not sure how I ever found you...but, I am so thankful as all of you will never know how you have blessed my life. Until next time...Be Blessed~Tory Xo

BMarie said...

I LOVE your blog and read it daily. Your children are beautiful!! Their smiles are contagious. You are such a strong and wonderful mom! I would record this book for my daughter. I am a working mother and this way I could "read" to her while I am work! Keep up the awesome work.

Shannon Kosub said...

You are an awesome mom with beautiful children. What a amazing testimony of Faith you and your family have to tell.

Many Blessings,

Shannon Kosub said...

You are an awesome mom with beautiful kids! What an amazing testimony of Faith & Trust your family has to tell!

Many Blessings,

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