'Twas the Week Before Christmas...

Twas the week before Christmas...

Snow cones were eaten by neighborhood kids with great glee.

Ellie has a blast sitting on a riding toy & is figuring out how to make it go!
Ellie has a new trick.
She makes a hilarious "mad" face on command.

We baked yummy sugar cookies with my little helpers.
Ellie wore my apron from when I was a little girl & helped herself to a cookie as she supervised.
Will was a big help!

He was very good at counting the cups of sugar.
Unfortunately, his mother got preoccupied with taking photos & forgot to ensure that the cups were actually full cups.
This is why I rarely bake.  All that exact measuring is not really up my alley.  I love cooking when I can just throw things together & go by taste!
I wasn't about to start over so I just added in some extra sugar.  I think it turned out ok!

Ellie kissed her baby
Will liked operating mommy's power tool!
& got caught taking a little taste

We decorated the wagon one rainy day.  Then we used it to go caroling with friends one night.
It's also been perfect for delivering cakes to our neighbors.  We call it the party wagon.

Ellie doesn't like it when the wagon stops.
Finally got the star on our tree!

While delivering cakes to neighbors, Santa serenaded us!
We danced.

Cookie & Lovie were asked to light the advent wreath at their church Sunday morning.  So they invited Will & Ellie to help them.
Afterwards, we attended their church's Birthday Party for Jesus.
(This is my first Christmas to not have Will in something smocked. :(
But, all of his Christmas shirts are monogrammed! :)
I just can't stop, y'all.  It's an addiction.)

At the birthday party, they had a service project for the elderly.
Will gathered gifts for the basket...
While Daddy & Aunt Lili worked furiously fast to complete the assigned blanket project.  
Who knew Daddy could craft?
(Thank goodness they worked so quickly as I am crafted out!)

The craft wasn't really age appropriate for my kids - so they played with balloons nearby.
Cookie & Lovie treated us to a great brunch out where Will & Ellie got to see Santa.
Ellie does not love him.
Ellie & her Mimi (Great Grandmother) enjoying desserts!

Daddy saving Ellie from the big bad Santa!
One night, I made picnic dinners & we drove to look at Christmas lights.
We found a light park & let the kids ride in our laps.  They LOVED it!
Will saw a Statue of Liberty light display & yelled, 
"Look!  The Glory of the Lord!"
Apparently he thought she was an angel.
Our cookie recipe requires three days...
one day for mixing the batter, 
one for cutting & baking,
& one for decorating.

For decorating, we invited Lovie & Mimi over to help.

We also made yummy chocolate crinkle cookies & put Hershey's peppermint kisses in them.
Will definitely ate lots of kisses as he went.
In an effort to help Ellie hold her hips in the right position (& hopefully avoid hip surgery again although I'm not sure this will do us any good but it makes me feel proactive) we borrowed Aunt Lili's antique rocking horse.  Ellie loves riding on it and is now able to rock it all by herself!

And that has been our week before Christmas... so far!

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