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Looking for some inspiration?  Want to see something amazing?
Check out this!
Kyle Maynard, whom Will met in GA a few years ago, summited Mount Kilimanjaro as the first quad congenital amputee to do so without assistance!  Wow!
Erin commented recently with a link to this article about Kyle's climb- thanks, Erin!
(Sorry I am late in posting this - his mom emailed me today & I didn't realize I had missed the dates of the trip so this actually occurred last week!)

About two months ago, I received an email from another mom of a child (now grown) with a limb difference.  Her husband, Randy Frazee, is the senior minister at a church you may have heard of - Oak Hills in San Antonio - where Max Lucado also teaches.  She so encouraged me and sent me a link I can't wait to share with you!
Click here to watch a great video.  Really, it's not about limb differences at all - but rather about feeling "short -handed" in life... when you struggle with feeling like you got the short end of the stick or as if you don't measure up.  When I first watched it, I was folding laundry.  By the end, I was on the floor with my computer and memorizing!  It's kind of long so if nothing else, watch the last 8-10 minutes!

My favorite part is the four questions that he asks his son.  We've started doing this with Will & I love it!
We ask him who he is.  He replies with his whole name and in our case, Will usually adds whatever identity he has for the day ("Batman"/policeman/knight/King/etc.)
We ask him why we love him. ("Because I'm your son.")
We ask him why we are proud of him.  ("Because I try my best.")
We ask again why we love him.

I love the idea of instilling in our children that our love for them is positional - not circumstantial.  They don't have to do anything to earn our love.  They don't have to perform or behave a certain way.  We love them because of their position as our children.

If you have ever struggled with understanding God's love for you - based on your position as His child, not on anything you have or have not done - I so recommend watching this.

Finally, are you the parent of a child with differences or special needs or perhaps you have a child with some sort of medical condition?
Miggy is looking for more guest posters!  I was honored to be her kick off guest poster several months ago on her blog & it was a lot of fun.   I've loved clicking over every Friday to read the latest story and get to know the kids she has found from all over.  I've learned so much about different conditions but more importantly, feel as though I've found other moms who I can somewhat relate to - our situations may be vastly different but knowing there are other moms who worry for their kids and who love them more than life itself and who want others to see past the diagnosis - well, it makes this journey less lonely.  She's hosted all kinds of medical conditions - from seizure disorders, limb differences, SMA, medically fragile kids, CP, severe food allergies, and even unknown diagnoses.  If you'd like to participate, click over to her blog & email her at thislittlemiggy@gmail.com


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