Sweet smiles, precious curls,

and a loving big brother...
what more could I want?
Lately after naps, Will has been wanting to climb into Ellie's crib to cuddle her.
He calls her "Ellie, my sweetheart."
Oh how I love this!

Sunny days make for  


And bike rides with Mommy!

Ellie doesn't have the strength (yet) to hold herself up in our bike trailer so for now, Will can ride behind Daddy in the trailer & I've got a seat up front for Ellie!
We love our bike rides!

I love how much these two are playing together lately!
Playing pretend with Ellie's zoo...

and even some baseball!

While taping Ellie last night, I tried using my new ipad (I won it just before Christmas!  How fun!) to entertain her.  She is getting very antsy now and difficult to tape as she wiggles and resists it a lot.
She liked the animal videos and did pretty well last night so this might be my new answer.
But she especially enjoyed entertainment by Will!
While she was being taped, he kissed her and said,
"Ellie, I'm so sorry you have to be taped.  I wish your toes pointed the right way and I'm just sorry you have to wear tape."
I told him how sweet he was and what a good big brother and I reminded him he will always be her protector.
To which he replied, 
"I'll also be her king.  And God is my king so me and God will be king over Ellie."
Not so sure how well that will go over in a few years!

I have noticed while looking at schools that apparently four and five year olds know how to use computers.  I haven't really ever done computer games with Will - he loves to play outside and can play pretend games for hours so I haven't wanted to mess with introducing computer games... 
but I felt some pressure and don't want him to be behind so I let him play one for thirty minutes today while Ellie slept and I got ready.
He loved it & did great- I don't think he will have any problem catching up!

7 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

So glad they will always have each other to love and accept. :) There is something just SO PRECIOUS about sibling love.

KDub said...

my 4, 5 next month, year old doesn't do any computers either. but she mastered my phone and ipad in a matter of minutes. i have no problem if she is considered 'behind' in that realm. she will have no problem catching up. so no worries. let the imagination rule!
and sometimes i do feel like i have put her at a disadvantage, i'll admit. but if that is one of the ways i 'mess her up', no problem;)

bryna said...

I was wandering if u would do a post on what the taping is doing for her and how u put it on her? Your kids are very cute! Thanks

mccallsanderson said...

You seriously have some of the most adorable children I have ever seen. So great to finally meet you on Christmas Eve! Praying for you guys often!! :)

PS: From an educator's perspective, YAY for pretend and outside games. Will will learn the computer quickly at school, probably without a lot of effort. :)

JJC said...

Hey Katie, you may already know this site, but the TCEA twitter site (twitter.com/#!/tcea) gives free, child-friendly educational apps every day. We've enjoyed lots of them! Some are game-like and some are books that can be interactive or will read story to you. Just thought you might want to know:)

Jill crownover

Erin said...

I have never commented before but I have been a long time reader of your blog. I found your blog through your cousin Dandy K. My mom and Dandy are great friends and she told me about your cutie Will at some point when she met my boyfriend now husband Will. I wanted to comment b/c I saw this story about Kyle Maynard on CNN and had to forward it to you. Your little Will is amazing little guy already I can only imagine what he will grow up to be…maybe a mountain climber! I hope to meet you one day if you come out to VA to visit Dandy. http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2012/01/26/gotta-watch-living-without-limits/?hpt=hp_c3

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

Thanks, Christy! I think it is precious too!

Thanks KDub! Glad to hear I'm not the only one behind in computer world. I agree - am happy he has an imagination!

Bryna- good idea! I'll do that soon!

Thanks McCall for the affirmation! loved meeting you too!

Thanks Jill for the resource! I'm always looking for fun apps to keep little people busy in doctor's offices and waiting rooms!

Erin! Thanks for reading! Hope to meet you too one day! We actually took Will to meet Kyle when he was a toddler - you can see that post on my right sidebar "Will's Hero." I was talking to his mom just a few months ago and she told me about his upcoming climb - I'm hoping he will wear his will shirt:)

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