Space Study!

 This week in preschool, Will is studying space!
So a friend of his from school invited us to the planetarium for a fun playdate!
 First, we watched the "Collisions in Space" movie in the Imax like theater.  
Ellie was fascinated & stayed silent and mesmerized!
 Will had several questions and was a bit worried about comets hitting the earth.
 In the museum, they launched a rocket.
Will drove while Ashley was the rocket hostess with snacks. :)

 I wasn't allowed to take pictures of all the space things but we did get to touch moon rocks & even the largest meteorite ever found was on exhibit here!
 Sweet friends!
Thanks for inviting us - I've never felt so smart after a playdate!
I definitely used my new space knowledge to impress R at dinner last night.
And this was the perfect supplement to their study of space this week.
When we got home, Will did his "homework" of learning a fact about Venus and coloring Venus on a paper plate for a presentation to his class today.  So fun!

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