Legacy of a Dandelion

 The dandelion's flowers declare their presence without too much fanfare.
When presented with a bouquet of dandelions they are no longer weeds.
 The dandelion, like a child's love, is persistent.
It returns to us as seeds carried in the wind from the heavens.
The dandelion, like love, is unstoppable.

-from "Legacy of a Dandelion" by Gregory Zeorlin

Along our sunset walk this week

 (watching him run... it never ever gets old.  I love watching the miracle of Will run!)
(And her?  My precious sliding fanatic - a miracle in her own way.)
Rounding the corner and descending our final massive hill (just before our final big climb) on our sunset walk, he asked,
"Mommy!  Do you see all those colors in the sky?"
Yes, Will, I do. 
Who do you think put them there for you to see tonight?
"God.  He loves us and maybe He wanted us to see them!"

Yes.  I think He loves to surprise us and waits with eager anticipation for us to look up and see all the colors in the sky - because He does love us.

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BMarie said...

Will is wise beyond his years. Ellie's smile is contagious. This post made my day! Thank you!!

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