Moments from our day...

 My little Valentine's loves

 practicing her walking at therapy
 I love this girl's smile

 playing with Daddy
 reading her valentines that came in today's mail

 practicing his new synchronizer I found him at a garage sale and have been saving for a special occasion ... Valentines was the perfect occasion

 precious boy sound asleep...
If I could bottle his scent while he sleeps - I swear it becomes more concentrated when he is still and slumbering.  I just inhale deeply as I kiss him good night... he is so warm and precious and my heart swells.

 He snuggles after his nap and I love how he curls up on me.  He lays so still and I kiss his hair and rub his back and my heart aches

 The coldest day of our winter hit just in time for Valentine's Day...
so we celebrated with homemade cookies
 and neighborhood friends running over bundled up in coats for hot chocolate (with marshmallows and ice cubes) and hot out of the oven cookies
 Ellie has been practicing her tower building.
Look how high she can build a tower!
(Not bad for someone with dislocated shoulders!!)

 She's so proud...
and so is her mama.

I love these kinds of moments most of all...
the everyday moments that make life so wonderfully, perfectly ordinary.

(Also - I've figured out this whole instamatic thing.  I think I like it.)

1 thoughts:

bryna said...

I was wandering if sheis going to have to have surgery on her shoulders?

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