The Best Day Ever

Will told me it was the best day ever.
I think he may have been right.
 It started out simply...
we joined friends at another friends' house to feed their chickens and watch one lay an egg
Ellie and Sophie will be best friends... I'm sure of it
(Sophie's new room just happens to be my room from when I was a little girl...
I think its destined they will be best of friends :))

 The fun continued with the anticipation of Easter as we played with Jacks the bunny
 Will teased us that he planned on eating that carrot...
 Finally, he couldn't withstand the temptation a second longer.
He took a bite...
 His sister soon followed.
(I love this picture.  Neither of my children appear interested in the rabbit.  Who needs a bunny rabbit when you can eat a carrot!)

 Before long, 3 out of 4 children plus the bunny were all sharing the same carrot
 Ellie loved holding him and gave lots of kisses
 We had no agenda for the day.  So a stop at the park became our agenda.
 It's a park with a big hill.
I believe God designed this hill just for rolling.

 They raced happily

 For lunch, it was just too pretty a day to head inside.
So we decided on a picnic in our woods.  We have a very wooded backyard so we call it our woods.  We hiked out back and found a perfect spot.

 We explored the woods in our own backyard and found this cool tree
 and this which we made up stories about
We have a sideways tree.
It's perfect for a young climber!

 Soon, it was nap time.  How I love watching her sleep.
 Not quite ready to head in, we grabbed a warm spot on the hammock in the woods and read several chapters from our new book together.
 And I let him take his nap out there (using my t-shirt for covers)
 A nap on a hammock?
Yes please!
 At about 45 min in, he was sleeping great until I headed out for pictures and the tree trimmers next door became louder.  So he ended up completing his nap indoors.  But he did great and slept well for awhile so I will definitely let him do this again!

They shared a bowl of fresh air popped popcorn for a snack
 and then it was the perfect time for a long walk...
and playing in a dandelion patch
 He ran and ran - giggling all the way
 Of course my girl found a hill to roll down...
in an antique white shirt her mama once wore

 The day ended with wrestlemania with Daddy - the perfect end to a perfect day

 Yep.  Pretty much a perfect day.

I'm always up for an adventure with my kids.  I'm not afraid to fly with them and love exploring new places - especially with my people.
But for this spring break, we took a break.  
Kind of.  I mean, I taped Ellie every day and worked on various therapies and she started a new therapy and did her regular therapies one day plus we took a trip to the hospital in Dallas for orthotics and got home at 10:30 that night (by myself with my kids) & both kids managed to somehow get fevers on the same night for 24 hours and also I took a class just for me...
But you know.  
Other than the regular stuff...
no preschool or kung fu, I cooked simple meals all week and we just played a lot.  We didn't run many errands or give ourselves a to do list.  We went outside and played and explored and took a break from what we could.
Somehow, we still found adventures.
And it was the perfect way to spend our spring break.

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