Go Will Go! Running the Race!

We had a wild and crazy weekend last weekend.  Company was on their way to town for our kids' dedication at church and I was preparing our home and table for a celebration meal.
When we learned that our guests would not be arriving until later on Saturday, we decided to participate in one of our favorite community races.
I woke the kids up way too early and we headed to the starting line.

First up - Will in the kids race!

waiting for his group to start...
and a little nervous
 And he's off!
Go Will Go!

 About halfway, I noticed his face contort into sadness... I think he realized he wasn't winning the race.
Of course - no other child out there had to run with 2.5lb each weights on their legs or legs that added a few inches to their actual height.  Nor was it grouped by age so there were several bigger kids in his group.
My mama heart nearly ripped into two and my screams and cheers got louder in an effort that everyone around me would hear his name and cheer him on and that maybe that would boost his spirits...
what else could I do?
 Until he ran through this and burst in to a huge smile as he received a medal.
I'm so so proud of my boy.
 He is so very brave.  It takes such guts to put himself out there among kids (& adults) who don't know him.  He knows each time he goes into public that someone (or many people) will stare, someone will point, someone will ask him about his hands and feet.  He knows he sometimes has a hard time keeping up when he wears prosthetics.  (I was tempted to let him run without them because he is so stinking fast without them... but got nervous about him running barefooted on the street.  Maybe next year.)
Yet he puts his fears and nerves aside and he just goes for it.
His courage inspires me every day.
 And my hears bursts with pride in my son - not because he crossed the finish line strong (although I'm so proud of him for that) but because he gets out there and tries.  I'm proud because he does his best.  Every single time, he does his best.
And I'm proud because he chooses joy.

And I don't take it for granted one single second that my boy RAN across that finish line... 
a boy missing feet who uses prosthetics.
He RAN.  That is my miracle.

Giving his little buddy, Hutch, a high five
 Showing off his medal
 Will's biggest cheerleader
 Making funny faces at the runners
 and looking cute
(Next year, it is my dream that she too can participate in the kids' race.  She may be the only one out there with a walker but so what... my girl is going to walk someday!)

 Cookie & Mr. W crossing the line
 Will & Ellie & I running together in the fun run
 Headed towards the finish line (Will's second finish line crossing of the day!)
 Cheering for Cookie!
 Meanwhile, while we were running races, Daddy was riding a 53 mile bike race!
He is training to do a 150 mile race next month so this was a good training distance for him.
He stated it was the most beautiful ride he has ever done!
The kids and I raced to get there for his finish but due to some miscommunication, we ended up at the wrong location and missed his big finish.
So we cheered for him in a field/race parking lot.
 I'm so proud of both of my boys!

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Mike and Christie said...

What a fun weekend! Every time he goes out there, and puts himself on the front lines of the public, is a triumph and he is a true HERO!

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