Moments I Love

Ellie was evaluated for a new kind therapy this week.  We spent two hours in therapies yesterday.  She goes to Dallas later this week to pick up her new orthotics.  We're hoping those will work for her feet since she is resisting her splints.  I can't decide about setting goals for her or just dreaming about all she will accomplish and wondering if I'm putting unfair expectations on her... I'm overwhelmed about adding even more therapies to our lives.  It makes my brain hurt.

But today.  I don't want to think about all these things.
In the words of Scarlet O'Hara, 
"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow."

Right now, I want to think about all the little moments.  Not the big decisions or the what ifs or the questions and struggles and challenges and overcomings and victories.
Just the moments.  
The moments I love more than anything.  The moments I know I am fully alive.  The moments we are just living our lives.

Here's some moments I've loved over the past week...

 arts and crafts on a rainy day
(Santa Hat in March along with a chef's apron?  Why not!)

Ellie's Thoughts:  You want me to do what with that?

We used dot markers on coffee filters and then attached strings and army men to them to make parachutes.  This has kept Will entertained for 3 rainy days!  He has explored dropping locations all over our house (various beds, stools, chairs, the kitchen island.)

Never mind that we had a very special rainy day game we had beens saving that we pulled out finally... who needs new games when you can play homemade coffee filter parachute men for HOURS?

We also made handprint & footprint zoos

 Step One for making handprint & foot print zoos
Dip hands (or paint palms) or feet in paint of various colors and place all over paper.
Step 2:  BATHS (let the artwork dry overnight)

Step 3:  Paint & color  faces on the animals and tails/trunks/vines/ocean waves as needed

And Ta Da!
It may be too rainy to go to the zoo but we made our own!

Ellie's features a fish, a brown bear, a butterfly, a dog (or elephant?) and a monkey!

 Will's zoo features a brown bear, a butterfly, a monkey, a bald eagle, a blue whale, an elephant, a clownfish, and a hammerhead shark.
This makes me so happy.
Like deliriously happy.  Every time I see my new art gallery, I smile.

Before a storm hit, we took a quick walk. 
Chef Tony likes some fresh air before he begins dinner.

One of our favorite traditions is to air pop popcorn for a snack after naps on rainy days.  There's been an abundance of popcorn eating around here!  (I do love a rainy day!)
We also read lots of books  - more so on rainy days.  We're reading chapter books now with Will.  We've finished an entire series (4 chapter books!) and read 2 during our rainy week!  Now, we've started a new series.  I do love reading with my boy! (& I love his love of books!!)

We recently acquired our own personal chef.  I know it may seem extravagant but the price was right and we did it.
I must say it is wonderful to have the extra help in the kitchen.
His name is Tony and he is the head chef at Tony's Restaurant.
He can make anything but he is adamant that you get what you get... which is whatever he feels like serving.
But it is always service with a smile.
He made his famous pizza for us the other night.

He wouldn't tell me the secret ingredients but I caught him eating something while he was supposed to be cooking...
I also caught him putting his feet over our pizza.  Thankfully, I caught him before the feet went in the pizza so I know that is not the secret ingredient.

Aren't I lucky to have my own personal chef?
And isn't he the cutest?!

 Quite possibly the most wonderful moment of each of my days happens right after naps.
These two are such cuddlers.
I am one lucky mama.
The other day, during a rain storm, both cuddled with me at the same time for a long time after naps.  Cuddling and rain?  It doesn't get any better.

 trying out foam rollers for the first time
(I love having a little girl!!)
 Nap time and crashing in my arms while nursing
(Those cheeks!  Love them)
 Sweet, sleepy love
 Ok.  So I clearly didn't do the foam curlers correctly the first time.
I'm getting better.
 Planting wildflowers in a corner of our backyard. (before the storms hit)
Because I love fresh cut flowers all summer long

(The other day, I came home one stormy afternoon to find a mason jar of gorgeous white and red camelias sitting on my front porch with a note from a neighbor!  Rain plus fresh flowers! Perfect day!  We just love our neighbors.  This is the second time in a month that I've received a surprise from a neighbor just because!  Last month, a neighbor surprised me with a box of chocolate and kind note and worship music cd.  We have the best little group of neighbors ever!)
 Back to the wildflowers... Will & Ellie scattering the seeds

 Smoothing out the soil after planting
 It's good to know our street is safe with Batman patrolling
(after his nap, of course, Batman needs his rest)
After naps, we love to play outside as the sun sets.
 Sister practicing her walking
 at the lake for a late afternoon playdate with Lovie

 He picked this up out of my garage sale pile.
My heart melted.  My boy willingly wanted to wear applique overalls?!  Yes please!
Such a southern boy.

 While sorting clothes and cleaning out closets, I found this blanket in between some antique dresses.  It's back in it's rightful place now.  
Aunt GAC made this for Ellie and I sat and inhaled her smell.  I admired at how tiny she was - this entire blanket covered her little body.  She slept with it daily during naps as a newborn.  
And then I cried.
 His smile.
His eyes.
His loose tooth
 Four and a half and he still cuddles me daily.

 I love this kid & his sister
 & all these little moments... it's a good life.

2 thoughts:

Kim said...

What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing your rainy day with the world.

Crystal said...

For Elli's hair use rag ties. It is softer on their heads too.

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