Praying in the Waiting - an update

Today I sit in a waiting room in Dallas.
Due to our experiences in our pregnancies, God keeps bringing people into our lives whose pregnancies have taken a different turn then they might have originally expected.
Often these women are all over the country and I am honored to pray for them and email them and talk to them as they navigate this world. Sometimes they are nearby and I can make sure they have meals on doctor days or spend time talking and hugging them.
It is always an honor.
Today I sit and wait. I pray for a family as they welcome a new life and prepare to offer her comfort and love as they prepare to say goodbye.
Will you pray for their hearts?

I was honored to meet precious Emma Grace.  To congratulate her mother on the birth of her first born, a precious, beautiful daughter.  I was honored to "talk" with Emma as she made precious newborn sounds and engaged with me.  What grace her family is displaying as they claim God's sovereignty in the painful heartache.  What hope displayed - a hope that all is not lost, that they will see their daughter again.  They continue to wait, and so we pray in the waiting - for their hearts, for precious time well spent, for grace.  It is an active waiting - a waiting of joy as they love their daughter, as they hold her and introduce her to others and care for her as only a Mommy and Daddy and grandparent can.
I feel freedom to share their story as they have expressed in emails that it is okay to share their story and I read this morning that it has been shared on facebook.
They are publicly writing their journey here.  (They have also said previously that this information could be shared.)

Will you stand in the gap today and lift this family up to the Author of life, the Creator of all, the One who has ordained this life and knows all the moments she will have on this earth, who adores her and loves her and delights in her?

3 thoughts:

Heartsong said...

Praying. I thought I would be saying goodbye as soon as I said hello, and wondered, as you did, if I would ever get to say hello.

The Reeves bunch said...


Mike and Christie said...

praying for them too.

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