Easter, part 1

My fisherboy ready for a new season of fishing at the lake

 And a few days before Easter, he caught his first fish of 2012!

 We're so proud of Will!

 Meanwhile, Daddy fly fished...
and caught nada.

Will sweetly prayed for God to send Daddy 18, 140 fish, and he encouraged Daddy with words like, "Daddy, you're doing all the right things!"
At one point, he said, "Daddy, why aren't you using a hook?"  R looked closer and noticed he had, in fact, lost his hook.  
Despite Will's encouragement, the score at the end of the night was 
Daddy: 0
Will: 2

I sense a long summer of fishing for my boys
I love these two.

 Friday, some of our long time best friends/practically family arrived from Dallas & NC
Will was so excited to see "Aunt Claire," Audrey & Elvia!

 Will & Ellie loved playing with Audrey, Claire, & Elvia
 Lovie & Ellie
(Ellie was covered in either hummus or cilantro dip (the girl loves dips)
 We dyed eggs together.  I learned that at this point in my life, I dye eggs as a tradition but I don't really care what they turn out like.  Perhaps that is terrible of me but I put very little effort into creating beautiful eggs.  
 Will was not so much gentle.  He cracked a lot of eggs.
Ellie likes dips and basically wanted to dip her hands in the dye and lick them.

This was Elvia's second time ever to dye eggs! Ellie's 2nd time too!)

So fun to share the experience with her!

 Bedtime and stories with friends.  
 I love these girls.  I don't have sisters in real life but they so make me want them!  After living with them  in Guatemala while I was in college (& they were much younger) they were such an important part of my life that they were in our wedding.  They have been able to present for the births of my children and have come for the race in Dallas to support Will.  After a fun evening with family, we put the kids down and the girls and I headed out for a girls night out.  So fun!  I haven't done that in years it seems!  So thankful for their friendship!

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