Egg Hunts!

A Week of Easter Egg Hunts!

The sun was too bright.  So Will solved the problem.
(Years and years ago, when his uncle was about this age, we were at a community easter egg hunt & he did the same thing... a newspaper reporter noticed and got a photo and it was on the front page of the paper Easter weekend.  Will doesn't know that story but I'll definitely be making a copy of my mom's framed newspaper photo to hang up next to my boy's. :))

My mom surprised my dad recently by taking the kids on individual trips to the feed store...
she went to buy ducklings which she planned on releasing at the lake after Easter.
But instead they found bunnies.
Each kiddo picked out their own and they are precious.
Ellie is so patient with them and they come right up to her for lettuce and strawberries.  (Sometimes she shares their snacks.)
 Feeding Oreo the Bunny
 We had a few friends over to Lovie's one day for a picnic with Will & Ellie's new bunnies...
the boys were quite happy playing with swords
 and climbing in the fort
 Lovie enjoyed swinging with two "other Eleanor" & "more Eleanor"
 some of the picnic group
(we had 2 grandmothers come!  So fun!)
 I don't know if you can tell from the picture or not but Ellie likes ketchup.
(And I use a lot of shout.)
 Toddlers loving on Oreo
 I don't think I've ever hosted a playdate in which dads showed up...
but we had 3 dads stop by to eat their lunches with us!  So fun!
 Sweet friends after our egg hunt
Friday, Will's preschool had a big egg hunt.  Sweet Lovie volunteered to bring her bunnies for photos with each of the kids in the pre-K classes!
They were a huge hit!

 Will did great at collecting eggs.  I struggled because of course Ellie is now at an age where she understands egg hunts and candy filled eggs and she so badly wants to go after them... 
yet her body doesn't cooperate.  
The Easter bunny will be getting creative to make sure she has some within scooting and rolling range Sunday so she can do it all by herself.
 Sweet friends

2 thoughts:

Annette said...

Love it! :-) hate we missed the picnic :-( funny thing though kevin was going to come help me out if I got to come lol although he was a little worried about being the only dad - ha!
Love Will's shirt!!! And that last picture is so cute! ;-)

Miles said...

So precious. Happy Easter guys!


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