Sunday Fishin'

 Sunday afternoon, after church, we headed less than five minutes from our home, to possibly the most beautiful place I've ever seen in East Texas.
Some friends invited us for a picnic on their ranch - private lakes down dirt roads, surrounded by hills, wildflowers, and towering trees.
As we drove to the lake, I felt as though I was in Colorado again (minus the mountains, of course.)
We stayed ahead of the brewing storm and had a blast fishing for rainbow trout, sunfish, and bass.
 Will is a true fisherman, I do believe.
The boy simply dropped his line in the water and in no time, was calling out he had one & reeling it in!

 He even managed to catch one without any bait!

 Sister was so curious about the fish and liked reaching for them although she didn't care for the slime.

 I managed to sneak some therapy in on the dock.
(It's always better to do therapy in a pretty setting.)
 The cutest fish he caught all day:
 R worked on his fly fishing...
& managed to catch 2.
I do believe that the spring score so far is:
Daddy: 2
Will: 8

 Ellie has never cared for a bottle or a pacifier.  so she soothes herself by gently tugging her hair.  It's how we know she is ready for sleep.
Sweet love was very relaxed on the lake, in her Lovie's arms as they rocked and the tugging began

 In all of his four year old wisdom and experience, Will finally set down his rod and announced to those of us on the dock,
"I'm going to go give my Daddy some hints."
And off he marched...
 Because there's nothing so humbling as your four year old telling you how to catch a fish.

a perfect way to spend a Sunday 

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Crystal said...

These picture are so great! I just want to insert ourselves in all that fun!

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