Mother's Day Wrap Up

afternoon naps at the lake...

The kids were entertained forever just by taking turns "jumping" to us off the paddleboard.
(Will really did jump... Ellie more scooted into our arms)
They had a blast!

 sunset boat ride with my favorite people
and my favorite quotes of Mother's Day...
"Going to the grocery store stinks.  I hate it.  No way can I even begin to plan past one meal.  I can't possibly think of a menu for all week plus buy the ingredients.  I hated it.  I was constantly going back and forth...."  (you get the picture.  Ahhhhh - glorious to hear these words of appreciation for what I do every week from my spouse.)
"If I were a stay at home dad, no way would I be able to cook, clean up, and take care of the kids.  The house would be a disaster."
(Which led to a conversation about why he has high standards for me when he gets home...  but at least he admitted that it is a lot & being a stay at home mom is not easy!)

and from Will:
"Mommy, you are pretty as a princess!"

First thing Sunday morning, I could hear Will running across the house and he ran into our room and asked if he could finally give me my present.  I said yes and told him where it was.  I loved listening as he scooted his stool across the kitchen and climbed up high to grab the gift.  (I resisted the urge to go help - I knew he needed to do it all by himself.)  
Finally.  He had it & he raced back to my bed and joined me as I opened everything.
He had completed an interview about me in preschool and it is proudly hanging in my laundry room.  I love being reminded daily of how pretty he thinks I am!
There was also a casting of his handprint.  I adore it.
And he drew a portrait of me - also hanging in  the laundry room framed.

A perfect way to spend my day- surrounded by those I adore and love spending my life taking care of.

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