Will's Birthday Celebration!

"This is the best birthday ever in the world!" declared Will numerous times yesterday.
I'd have to agree.
Apart from the day he was born, this may have been my favorite birthday with him ever!

We began the day with an announcement, 
"Mommy!  I turned!"
And then we ran to the doughnut store together.
After breakfast, we got ready for the day and ran a few necessary errands before finally dropping Ellie off at Lovie's and heading out for our mystery birthday mommy/son date.

This was his face when he saw where we were going for our date:

Mommy did well! :)

I found a nearby waterpark and we had the most amazing time together!

I had a little panic upon first arriving.  Will measured way too small to do most of the slides initially.  But I did some begging and explaining that he is a fantastic swimmer and mentally and emotionally he is a five year old who is capable of doing big water slides... it's just his body is small & I threw out the amputee issue.  At one point they suggested he wear his prosthetics but that seems counter-intuitive to me since they would weigh him down & make him heavier and therefore make swimming more risky.
Thankfully, they ended up approving him to ride the medium level slides and that was perfect.  One more foot of growth and he will be able to do the high ones.

We had a BLAST!
We rode the lazy river over and over.

We raced down waterslides.
We tried different methods to figure out how to go fastest - on our backs, legs crossed was the fastest.

 I don't think Will stopped laughing for the entire 2.5 hours!
With just a few days left before kindergarten, this is exactly what we needed - a day to spend just being us.  We laughed a lot, we shared a meal.  We played hard - swimming and race and exploring the wave pool, the whirlpool, the waterguns, the slides.  We raced and climbed.  Will soaked me a few times which he thought was hilarious.
It was just so good.
Plus - since most kids are in school now, there were hardly any people which was awesome!  We only saw about five other families and one of them had a child with some differences!  And just as we left, we saw a man with a hand difference.  Will went to him and gave him a high five.

 Pretending to be "lazy" in the lazy river

 Finally, we headed home (exhausted but happy) for a late nap.
 After naps, it was family birthday dinner time!
Will loved opening presents of course.

 His sister got him exactly what he wanted and got lots of kisses.
 Ellie is cracking us up with her pretend play lately.  Barely two years old and this girl can do some serious pretending.  (Like her big brother.)
She loves to play doctor.  We call her "Doctor Danger."  She gives very serious check-ups.
Great-Great Uncle Jimmy was visiting from IN and he graciously obeyed Dr. Danger and received a well check.  His ears checked out good, his heart was deemed beating, & his temperature of his wrist was acceptable.

 The dry ice centerpiece was a hit!
 After dinner, we realized that the Joker had broken into our house and hidden Will's big gift!  He left a note and some clues for a scavenger hunt.
 After the family scavenger hunt, everyone had to assemble a Batman puzzle of clues to get back the birthday gift & save the day.

 Whew!  Joker didn't ruin the birthday!

 Lots of hugs for exciting gifts.
 Daddy really likes this superhero blanket.
 For his birthday dessert, Will insisted on a Cookie's cookie.  My dad makes some famous cookies and Will has a special way he prefers them.  Cookie couldn't refuse so he made the biggest cookie he ever has made for his grandson.
Will was so excited when he saw it!
(So was R!)

Happy Birthday, Sweet Will!
You bring us immeasurable joy!

3 thoughts:

Mrs. Jenk said...

Is that the indoor water park in Palestine area? We went there a few years ago and loved it! Yea for Mommy making his birthday the best ever!

ywilbur said...

What a great birthday! Sorry I've been hiding lately. Overwhelmed with back to school for my boys, but reading all about Ellie and now Will's big days.

Heartsong said...

So precious to see him having that much fun! Made me tear up!

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