"Do Go Rangers!"

Last night, we attended the Texas Rangers game at the Ballpark in Arlington.
And we had a BLAST!

One of the donors to the Children's Miracle Network won tickets for four and a parking pass to the game as a part of a CMN raffle.
That donor kindly and generously donated their tickets to the Miracle Children
(ie:  WILL & ELLIE!)
And since they are too young to go solo - R & I got to go too!!!
So so fun!

While I was packing to get us out of town (the kids & I flew this am to see grandparents), Will was busy practicing his baseball outside.
(We've had the most amazing week of incredible low 80s weather - this is not the norm in TX in August!  It's been so fun to play outside again!!!)

Finally, we made it to the Ballpark!
Will was beside himself with excitement.
Ellie was saying "wow" a lot & taking it all in.
Will quickly developed his own cheer:
"Don't go Orioles!  Do go Rangers!"

Ellie enjoyed the $1 hot dogs.

Our little fam

Little Senator Will cracked us up (as usual) with his ability to quickly befriend every adult in a ten foot radius.  The kid was giving out high fives every time the Rangers scored.  There were 7 homeruns in 1 inning - & Will was very busy high fiving every fan he could reach!
At one point, they passed out coupons for free food after a home run.  Will gathered the four from our family & before I knew what he had done, he was distributing them to other fans! :)
The boy knows how to make friends!

 Ellie stayed very busy and happy way past bedtime by eating popcorn off of Daddy's legs and practicing her standing.

 Sometimes she even remembered to cheer.
R taught her "left, right, & center field" locations and she amazed us with pointing to the right places when we asked!
Thank you so much, Children's Miracle Network!  We had a great time experiencing Will & Ellie's first Rangers game. 
I have a feeling we have many more games in our future!


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