Before & After

Do you see it?

 Look closely!
Because this is the last you'll ever see of it!

 Will lost his first tooth!!!

 Not at tear was shed (by him, at least!)
 After calling grandparents with his big news, he proceeded to run to his room to "announce the news to all of Gotham City!"
 He climbed on his bed to share his announcement in the ears of his pillow pet, his bunny, & his gigi

And then he told me that just like David had courage to fight Goliath, Will found his courage to lose his tooth tonight.

He went to sleep beyond excited for the tooth fairy's first visit.
(And the tooth fairy better get busy counting some coins!)

Turning 5, starting kindergarten, & losing his first tooth all in a matter of two weeks?
This mama's heart can't take any more growing up right now!

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