Getting Better! Day 2

Today was so so so much better at kindergarten.

Will was convinced that the surfer on his shirt whose hands resemble Will's somehow made Will a future Olympian. 
He created some big Olympic imagination thing and went into school with the confidence that other kids would know he is a future Olympic runner.
We prayed on our way to school and he sweetly asked God to take away his headache and his growing pains (anxiety?) while I asked God to give him a best buddy.
Then we began singing Joshua 1:9.  He continued to sing as we walked into school together.
He wasn't as nervous walking in - he was excited to share his Olympic dreams with his class.  (Later he shared that he was disappointed that they weren't more excited about his plans and his cool, new shirt.  I explained that maybe they are nervous too.)
I spent the morning running errands and walking by the water and catching up with a few friends and mostly praying every other minute for my boy.
So many of you were praying too - I got so many encouraging emails and blog comments and texts... thank you.  From the bottom of this mama's heart - thank you.
It is days like today - when I'm completely emotionally drained from tears and urgent pleas to the throne of Heaven that I know I am being carried by friends and family and this community.
Thank you for lifting us up today.

When I picked up Will, he seemed a little down.  I think he was pretty tired.  But then he shared in the car that the child who refused to play with him yesterday wanted to play with him today!  And so did a kid in an orange shirt!
And I heard a boy talking about Will's upcoming birthday party so I think that helped him too - and maybe helped the kids see him as typical kid.
(I purposely planned his party for this month so that we could invite new schoolmates and they could see Will being a typical kid out of the school environment.)

Meanwhile, my mom kept Ellie this morning.  She has offered to keep her on Wednesdays.  I love my little people and I love spending my days with them but with therapy several times a week and doctors appointments pretty often I feel like sometimes I just don't have very many spare moments.  I don't feel like Ellie can do a mother's day out program as they can't really meet her needs at this point.  (I think she could qualify for a Headstart program due to her diagnosis but I don't think that is best for her.)  So just having three hours a week that I can make appointments for myself or run errands or run alone with my dog or clean my house - it's kind of refreshing for my soul, I think.
Today was our first official Lovie Day.

So I was free to run my errands and pray for my boy and beg God to let him start to make friends.

Thanks for lifting him up.  I'm hoping the days will keep getting better and better and better.

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Amanda M. said...

So happy for you and your little guy! Hopefully tomorrow will be even better than today. {And if I had three hours all to myself, I would SLEEP ~ not clean my house.....but that's just me! Haha!} Enjoy your day!

Mrs. Jenk said...

yea for answered prayers! praying in just keeps getting better for him- he is an awesome kid and God made his personality so big! They'll see it soon!

ywilbur said...

I've been waiting all day to hear how day 2 went. Glad it was better. I told JK about Will's very bad day and he said 'I'll will be his friend and do everything with him. him can be my Batman'. I asked him if he had any advice for Will and he said 'be brave, tell everyone God made you this way, it takes time to get used to you'....all my catch phrases I say to him.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping today was a better day. Praying for each day and making new friends.

Jo Anna said...

The previous post broke my heart, but I'm so happy to have read about the second day getting better. I hope Will's days at school continue to be full of better and better moments.

Jo Anna said...

The previous post broke my heart, but I was happy to read about the second day of school. I hope Will's days at school continue to be filled with better and better moments.

Pat said...

Thank Heaven for answered prayers. I am so glad that the other kids are starting to see the great friend Will can be. May each day bring more happy experiences than the last, and more balm for his Mama's heart.

Kelly said...

I just read this after sending you an email. Praise God. I am so glad that Will seemed to have a better day! Go TEAM WILL! I personally know a certain track coach who would love to be there coaching him at the Olympics... what would it be...maybe 2024. No matter what we will all be cheering for him in all that he does between now and then!

Adrienne said...

Yesterday's post broke my heart! We were all in tears with you! I am so glad that the kids are starting to see Will for who he is and not for his differences. Praying that each day gets better and that God would bring him kiddos that he can build lifelong friendships with!

kelly said...

yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!! Will is such a superhero!!!! not to mention his supermama :). ive been thinking of you guys all day!

Mike and Christie said...

Oh GOOOD!!!!!!

toi said...

i pray the rest of the week was successful. i've being watching the olympics and paralympics and i can see Will swimming and winning medals. will is a legend in the making.

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