On Dating (My Son)

Will & I frequently go on Mommy Dates.
We began our tradition when he was about two years old.  We've done special dates to play put-put, see a movie, get a special treat, go night swimming, see a local musical, and more.

A few weeks ago, we saw a musical at a local school - Wizard of Oz.  It was excellent & Will LOVED it.  (We've seen quite a few musicals on our dates at this little school.)  As soon as we saw the advertisement on the sign about the upcoming musical, he began asking me on a date to see it.
(Check out his freshly washed and combed hair!  Doesn't he look so handsome?)

It's one of my very favorite ways to spend time with my son.

A few months ago, Will began asking me out on dates!  He calls them "son dates" & he sweetly will ask me out on a special "son date."  He usually has a plan for what he wants to do on our date too. :)

Besides spending quality time together and doing something special, this has become a really good teaching opportunity for me.  Will has begun to pay for our dates.  (Don't worry.  That kid has plenty of saved up birthday money.  And since money doesn't really have a lot of value to him at this point - sometimes I slip cash in his little blue wallet.)  But, it is his responsibility to take his wallet and get the money out to buy our tickets for the activity.  I try to stand aside and it's really, really cute to watch him pay like a grown up!  It's also fun to watch the salesperson try to switch their attention to the little kid paying for his mom.

Lately, I've begun talking to Will on our dates about some basic gentleman behavior.  He is learning to open doors for girls.  He can't open my car door yet since he is trapped in a car seat but someday  he will!  

I love these times with him.  I love getting to know him and the extra cuddling while we watch a movie or a musical.  I love the laughter and watching him giggle.  I love having special time with my boy.  I realize that these dates are fleeting.  Some day, he will prefer to take girls his own age out!  But, in the meantime, this is my chance to invest in his future relationships - to begin to teach him how to treat girls  and how to behave on a date.  R plans on taking Ellie on Daddy/Daughter dates someday too.  

Maybe if I'm lucky someday we'll get to go on double dates with Will & his future wife!  

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