Disney World, Days 1-2

When my mom turned 55 this year, she decided that what she really wanted was a trip to Disney World - with grandkids.
And since she knew that no way was I going to let my kids experience Disney for the first time without me, we got to go too!
She called it the "triple nickel" trip - celebrating her 55th & Will's 5th birthdays.

I could hardly sleep the night before we left - so excited to experience the magic of Disney with my little people.
We woke up the kids really, really early and loaded to car.  They were very tired and rather confused.
My kids really had no concept of Disney World.  The closest they could imagine was our little county fair!  We have never taken them to any sort of theme park before.  I tried to you tube rides to explain Disney but you just can't understand it til you go!

 I'm very blessed with good little travelers!  They did great in the car ride to the airport & flew great on the plane!
In fact, around our usual nap time on the second flight, I told them they needed to nap and both fell asleep.
Finally, we arrived in Orlando and were whisked away by the Magic Bus.

The classic Disney cartoons were right up Will & Cookie's humor alley.

We were so excited to be at our hotel!  
(& possibly a little delirious.)

Our first night, Lovie had made reservations for a character dinner with Cinderella.
Ellie went as "Cinderellie."

Her daddy was pretty excited to escort his little princess into the dinner.

I said I was done with smocking for my little boy at age 4.
I lied apparently.
I just couldn't resist the seven dwarves.
I am really done this time.

Ellie making her "excited" face

 Prince Charming was not so charming to a certain two year old.

 Will, however, thought he was cool.
 Ellie was scared of the real Cinderella too.

The evil stepsisters were in attendance.  This one proposed to Will but he told her he can't marry her because she is mean.

The birthday celebrations began!
Disney knows how to make a birthday person feel pretty wonderful - they had personalized pins they wore every day & not only did the receive free cupcakes and singing at every meal, but they were also told by every employee, "Happy Birthday!" 
(Will was confused the first day since his birthday was in August but he caught on quickly!)

The next morning, we hit the Magic Kingdom!

Great-Grammy came too!  Cookie decorated her sign on her wheelchair with all of the various nicknames she has.
Grams is a great traveler - when I was 16, she took me to Greece & Turkey on a special trip!  She has also taken me to New York City when I was 10.
So fun that she is able to travel with my kiddos now.

 Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we are going to take over the royal throne.  Too bad as I would love to get to know Kate & William.  I'd also love for her to take me shopping with her.
But, alas, the sword remained in the stone despite some very strong boys' efforts.

Our first ride.  Will was thrilled there was a carousel.  (Ya'll.  He just had no idea what awaited him at Disney World!)

I had lots of fun picking out Disney smocked items for Ellie & fun hair clips for this trip.

Having fun on the magic tea cups!

 Ellie doing her "therapy" while Will rode a ride with Daddy, Mimi, & Cookie.
She was also showing off her various funny faces.
("Excited" face to the left & "mad" face to the right)

Ellie's Favorite Ride - the Flying Dumbos!
She would say "up up up!"

We bought the autograph books but were able to avoid the long lines for characters.  Basically, we told Will we would get signatures from characters we saw at meals and he never asked to wait in line otherwise.
Ellie autographed her own book - numerous times.

 Lovie wanted her picture with Tigger because he is her favorite.  She spent a week in a coma when she was 6 and when she came out of it and was in the hospital for several more weeks, she read Winnie the Pooh & loved Tigger the most.

 Ellie's reaction the first day to characters...
 Cinderella's Castle is beautifully decorated for Christmas right now.
Ellie loved it!
However, she insisted that it is "Ellie's Castle!"  And she also insisted that she is a "queen" and not a princess.

 Pirates of the Caribbean!

 Will loved the Buzz Lightyear ride & actually scored the highest possible score our last night!  (Over 700,000 points!  I scored 1100. He is wearing his new title of "mission commander" with great pride now.)

 Before heading home to bed, we happened upon a dance party...
 So we danced.

 And we crashed into our beds completely wiped out.
Coming soon - Epcot, Animal Kingdom, & Hollywood Studios.

2 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

What a FUN TRIP!
I was looking at your last few blog posts.. and WOW! A trip of a lifetime!

My favorite picture was seeing Ellie sleeping with no braces. :)

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

You caught me!! She typically does sleep in her AFOs... But they has been bruising her feet (doctors not making new ones Til after surgery so we are stuck with these.) so I thought a break from them during a short nap might be

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